Rollin’ Leaves – The Gamerleaf RPG show Episode 1: Too Many Bones

Gamer Leaf, Lady Leaf, Wizard Leaf, Princess Leaf and Barbarian Leaf sit down in their 1st RPG adventure of Rollin’ Leaves – The Gamerleaf RPG show. To play Too Many Bones by Chip Theory Games

They introduce their characters:

Gamer Leaf Ghille

Lady Leaf Nugget

Wizard Leaf Tantrum

Princess Leaf Boomer

Barbarian Leaf Tink

Day 1 of their adventure.

Kickstarter Corner:

War Room: A Larry Harris Game Fri, December 8

4 different scenarios (Eastern Front, Europe, Pacific, Global) allows for a wide range of players is nice.  Many seem to assume that it is only good for 4-6 players.   Thanks!

2-6 (or even 7 unofficially if someone is willing to play just China)  All 4 scenarios can be played by just 2 players.

NuÆther – Mechanix, Mutations, & Magic

The Convergents – A Comic Themed Card Game

Historical Conquest 2.0 canceled funding so contact them via FB to find out how to follow them.

Cabinet Game Table from Carolina Game Tables less than 16 hours! Hurry and back at $2 to get a copy of Dinner & Dice ( A cookbook by gamers for gamers) If they don’t fund you won’t be charged, but will still get your recipe book. Win a copy by following instructions on this show.

and Random Coping Chess, plus don’t forget Side Effects Eduardo Barif is a backer of this game. Unfiltered Gamer really liked this episode.

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