Episode 46: Settlers of Catan meets Star Trek

Gamer Leaf sits down with Nick Koop to talk about Stellar-Leap which was designed by Carla Koop and co-created by himself. Both whom are part of Weird Giraffe Games. He was so excited to tell me about it that he jumped right in without my asking.

If you back it on Kickstarter you can get an exclusive planet for your game created by Nolan Nasser who did the art for games: Newbedford, Exoplanets and the grooves

Took mechanics of games like Machi Koro and Settelers of Catan to make 4X(Risk or Sythe)( explore, expand, exploit, exterminate) play for 6hours to 1 hour game play with a Star Trek feel. Kind of like the Fog of War. Karla came up with this game after playing Valeria Kingdom card game. Stellar-Leap even has an overpopulation mechanic

Karla’s interview with We’re not Wizards comes up

AAA: Todo ist

Invites you to Sugar Bell Bakery in Huntsville Alabama every 2nd and 4th Tuesday for game night and a cupcake

Kickstarter is like Christmas. Recents include Ian Zang’s constellations, Underlings of Underwings

Can’t wait for Dinosaur Island and Digenics

Kickstarter corner:

Re-chord  Michael Wright from Unfiltered Gamer reviews it

SPACEFIGHTER – Tabletop spacefighting game (in space) 

Crazy Commute, Only $14

Swords & Sails ends 10/13

Angelblood RPG ends 11/9

Frontier The Card Game till 10/24 Logan Chops Review

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Episode 45: Back in time to my 1st Gamer Leaf interview with Jay Sears not JP Sears

Gamer Leaf goes back in time to his 1st interview for the podcast ever in which he sits down with Jay Sears from Down Under not JP Sears from America.

We talk Game design.

He Studied mechanics and everything in  Games on his own for 2 years.

His Blog is very informative.

He Writes the rulebook 1st

As he is inspired by shows his daughter watches my favorite podcast from the outback is brought up: Dice-hard

apples and mud sent off to Habba and May-Fair games

Things he knows you need: Sell sheet, How to play video research your publisher

Before he delve into Game design he tried music. Hear some here!

AAA: Pin drop that travel app I’m constinetly stating someone talked about is finally upon us.

Episode 44: Maybe It’s Poison?

In which Gamer Leaf sits down with Bryan from Bored Brothers to talk about their new game “Maybe it’s Poison” 8$ shipping wherever you are!

Hardest part on Kickstarter, building their audience.

Previous Game called Switch Fast paced card game. Carried in Utah (Red Balloon Toy Store), Missouri and Michigan.

2 Geeks 1 Mic, Shawn Barrows cos players

Snow in Utah in September so stalk them here FB

AAA: Dischord

Kickstarter corner: Crazy Commute, Only $14

Cheese Quest (Funded)

Swords & Sails ends 10/13

Angelblood RPG ends 11/9

Frontier The Card Game till 10/24

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Episode 43: Get your finger out to hear trade secrets of the Famous Mark McKinnon of Wreck and Ruin FAME

Get your finger out to hear trade secrets of the Famous Mark McKinnon of Wreck and Ruin FAME and his new game Wreck and Ruin

Gamer Leaf sits down with Mark McKinnon of Wreck and Ruin FAME about his new game:

Fallout 4 & Pizza Crunch

AAA: Kinemaster video recording app for tablets, but could be due to the subliminal messages turning people onto McKinnon Wreck and Ruin Fame

Search Wreck and Ruin, one is a band, the other is Mark McKinnon of Wreck and Ruin Fame

Episode 42: What’s a Zephyr?

Gamer Leaf sits down with Max Gillus to talk about his new game Zephyr Wars inspired by War, Checkers and Final Fantasy’s Triple Triad card game and a lot of video games like Legends of Zelda.

He’s kinkysketch on twitter and tumblr

Favorite Games: Final Fantasy Card Game, Dark Souls board game

I talked about Black Souls Kickstarter that has since completed.

Favorite Final Fantasy’s: Final Fantasy Tactics and #12

Pairing Fire Emblems

AAA: Pokemon Go

I’m still waiting for MariKart Go!

EPISODE 50! I announce my averageness and a CONTEST and Network.

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Judges: Ryan The Giveaway Geek

               Helana The Board Game News

               Joshua  Logan Chops

                The Great Richard from  We’re Not Wizards

                Michael The Unfiltered Gamer

                Dane    Everything Board Games 

                Chris  Casual Game Revolution

                Mark Vincer  Fellowship of The Box

We will be  RPGing as a family. Starting off playing Chip Theory’s TOO MANY BONES a Dice RPG.

Will begin mailing out previous winners within the next 2 weeks

Gamer Leaf is only Average even though he gave you 6 episodes this last week. He is scared to bring you RPGing, but still going to do it.

New Network: Gamer LeafThe Giveaway GeekBoardGameNews, Logan Chops YouTuber.

How can I get un overwhelmed in RPGing?

Kickstarter Corner:

From Impact Minatures: D20 / D30 RPG & DCC Dice Chain Sets -New D17, D19, D26 & D28  Launching on the 10th!

in my opinion this is a game changer as I am always lost when listening to The Glass Cannon Podcast as they are always adding a bunch of bonuses to their rolls. This way if you roll a 20 it’d be a 20!

Fisher Heaton Games’ INTELLE, also launching on the 10th. Reminds me of Netrunner from the sounds of it.

Frontier the Card Game


War Titans: Invaders Must Die!

Trench Hope you’re feeling better Mike.

Gloom of Kilforth expansion

Swords & Sails  Coinage for your Gameage

I complain about people calling 90’s music Classic.

Cheese Quest

Solar Flare games recently aquired the IP for Robotech Force of Arms which is based on a 1985’s Anime (85 episodes). I was impressed with episode #1

Angelblood RPG

Nic Koop talks about how Boardgame design lab gives their Patron’s extra podcast content. Would y’all like this? What price point? $1 or $5?

Episode 41: Podcast Exclusive on how parents can Collect the Most Candy on Halloween.

Gamer Leaf sits down with Brian Edwards creator of Monster Dice 1st time ever on a podcast!

Mini-games to get kids away from devices and back to table.

He will be on National TV on ABC’s Toy Box Sunday OCT 8th 7pm

Shark Tank for toys & games. Game pitched to 5 kids from 8 to 12. Chance to have Matel pick up games and have them sold at Toys R us. Another contestant is Ashley Mady who created Mad Moves

When he’s not creating Monster Dice, Brian is teaching Parkour. So look for some possible stunts during his television debut.

He Applied for Wipeout, didn’t make that show but same casting company sent him an e-mail about this opportunity

His Favorite game besides Monster Dice: Roxley Games’ Santorini and Grim Slingers

Artist for monster dice is Stephen S Gibson

AAA: Clash Roayal

130 Stairs to Lake Erie from Lake View Erie his mom and pop’s hotel on the lake front

Stay updated!

There will be some great giveaways going on after the ABC Show.

If winner of Toybox, game can be bought day after grand finale

Last season’s winner’s: Art Splash, and James A Damato‘s from One Shot podcast‘s  Noisy Person

Family Funday Friday Episode 4: Frontier The card Game

Family Funday Friday Episode 4: Frontier The card Game

Gamer Leaf, Barbarian and Princess Leaf’s take on Frontier The card Game

Kickstarter Corner:

Cheese Quest

Angelblood RPG

Robotech Force of Arms

Swords & SailsWin Coinage for your Gameage

Logan Chops thoughts on Frontier Card Game

Rooster Rush less than 60 hours

Will do our best to get our giveaways delivered really soon.

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Episode 40: Relationship app turned into a board game?

Relationship app to a game

Brownie Points on the Kickstarter

Inspired by Avalon Hill’s The Great Dalmuti

Hill Climb app on android and iTunes

Excite Bike was a fun game!

Brownie Points Card Game

For Kickstarter Corner with Barbarian Leaf and Princess Leaf

Congrats to Scrooge

Cheese Quest 6 days remaining

Angelblood RPG 35 days remaining

Arcade Fighter 10 hours or less

Watch for Robotech Force of Arms in stores in 2018!

The Cold Cash War 11 hours or less to go

Swords & Sails

Apology for late episode

Frontier the Card Game  we will be reviewing this

Rooster Rush 3 days or less remaining

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Begging for iTunes reviews. Princess Leaf reminds you not to steal their phone. But, Gamer Leaf suggest you’ll be saving your friends from having to do it after they hear about the show.

Episode 39: What animal would you choose to defend yourself against an army of advancing Penguins

Gamer Leaf sits down with Dr. Tom Clare.

Richard from We’re Not Wizards made Dr. Clare Famous.

Blog about playing games with kids

Watch Dr. Clare for his upcoming game ideas now that Champion of The Wild is funded.

I make it to the top Dr. Clare’s Play test list that didn’t exist prior.

A computer game from his youth.

What animal would you choose to defend yourself against an army of advancing Penguins

How I might hide a horse in the house and how Steve from Polyhedron Collider might do the same. I like how he did it much better

Kevin Chapman

UK Cheese Roll

For AAA: What’s App

The truth comes out on why we didn’t beat We’re not Wizards to having Tom on.

Birthday wishes to Jeff Biggs, David Broadbent and Chris Olsen

I’m alone on Kickstarter Corner:

Rooster Rush

Frontier the Card Game


War Titans: Invaders Must Die!


Gloom of Kilforth expansion


Arcade Fighter

Swords & Sails

The Cold Cash War

Cheese Quest

Dawn of the Archmage Solar Flare games recently aquired the IP for Robotech Force of Arms which is based on a 1985’s Anime (85 episodes).

Angelblood RPG