Episode 57: Side Effects

Gamer Leaf sits down with the crew (Jen, Kat, Ben and Jade) from Pillbox Games. They fight over who’s got the most soothing voice. Also tell us all about Side Effects their new gam on Kickstarter.

Jade should’ve worked for Milton Bradley if child labor laws hadn’t been an issue you might’ve been able to play Slumopoly.

Kat’s birthday party game show is discussed. Jen took it hands down!

SideEffects inspired by Melbourne.

A lot of research went into this, it was checked by Pharmacists and MD’s alike.

Ben does beer ads and games

Reviews: Unfiltered Gamer, The Cranky Old Gamer


Face Swap(Minutes faster than Ben) Pro is $0.99

Not Hot Dog on android & iTunes

Jen gladly invites you to stalk her in person and on instagram

If you do stalk Jen come on our next sit down with pillbox games.

Kickstarter Corner:

Adventures in Zombiewoodthrough 11/11

Heroes of History: Iron Phalanx and Dragonboat Raiders

Next week Robert Daughtery joins us to talk about SORCERER

What can we do to make Family Funday Fridays Funner?

Review on iTunes!

Want your game on Getting Geeky with Gamer Leaf?

Carl of 2 Ton Porqupine told us he wanted us to ask others what they struggle with on kickstarter: An upcoming segment of me and Sky Carlisle giving you kickstarter advice. (WHAT SHOULD WE CALL THE SEGMENT?)

Episode 56: Shadow Strike Melee

Gamer Leaf sits down with Josh Buel for an exclusive interview of Pure Fun Games to talk about  Shadow Strike Melee: Ninja Card Game which is currently on Kickstarter. cody.a.rushing introduced him to gaming.

Started with Ascension, Dominion, Nuns on the run.

He traded out Dominion for Clank.

Current favorite(S): Star Wars Rebellion with his wife

War games: Kemit, Blood Rage and Adrenaline

Logan Chops video

Parade (used as prototype)+Hanabi (used mechanic but changed to competitive)= Shadow Strike Melee: Ninja Card Game

Josh also makes instructional videos for games that don’t have them according to BGG. His latest was Spike.

Talk of learning games through video. Rodney Smith and Shut up and sit down (They have comedy) for Dead of winter.

Look for a preview by The Game boy Geek.

Talk about Rahdo’s review of Santorini and how it took longer to watch than to play with Lady Leaf as she beat me so fast

Upcoming games: Shadow Strike Ninja Board game, Dogfighting in air with paintball guns (Deckbuilder)

AAA: Google Keep

Best way to get ahold of them.

Reviews by: Unfiltered Gamer, Everything Boardgames, Cardboard Stacker, Engaged family gaming, Eduardo Baraf, Gaming Bits, Gaminggang.com , Boardgame authority, Joshua Burall and Gameboy Geek

Kickstarter Corner:

Dark Naga – Confronting Hastur for 5th

Editionthrough 11/12

Our colds derange our voices and we lost Princess Leaf. But the show must go on like Richard from We’re not Wizards says.

Space Corridor Battle Terrain

The Convergents – A Comic Themed Card Game

Logan Chops previews it!

Historical Conquest 2.0 hopefully the Leaf’s will be reviving this.

Adventures in Zombiewood (FUNDED) through 11/11

Side Effects (Funded in 10 hours!) NEXT EPISODE!

Next week Robert Daughtery of White Wizard Games joins us to talk about SORCERER

Also, an upcoming guest on our Monday RPG show: Larry Correia author of Monster Hunter Inc is becoming Monster Hunter International RPG: Savage Worlds Edition (FUNDED)

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Episode 55: KAPOW! – A fast and furious Superhero dice building game

Gamer Leaf sits down with Carl to talk about 2Ton Porcupines’ latest game KAPOW! – A fast and furious Superhero dice building game currently on Kickstarter.

Date’s his getting into boardgameing back to Heroquest and wizard’s of the coasts’ Magic the Gathering

Current favorites Greater than Games’ Sentinals of the Multiverse.

Buildable dice games like theirs: Asmodee’s Diceforge,Rio Grande Games’ Rattlebones

Reviews: Just got playedUnfiltered Gamer,  Undead VikingCloak & Meeple, Board Game Brawl Preview, Board Game Exposure group in UK

AAA: Overwatch by Blizard, took notes in creating their deaf hero. Spoiler for Glass Cannon Podcast: Baron being blind for a few episodes.

2Tonporqupine on FB

Praises our intro we ask the designers to start answering questions. Which will lead to a new portion of the show co-hosted with Sky Carlisle.


Gamer Leaf sat down with Darren and Karl to talk about The Monster Hunters’ Club RPG for Savage Worldswhich is currently on Kickstarter.

Karl is a freelancer and also produces with his company doghouse rules creators of Sidewinder recoiled also put out Wild West adventures for Savage Worlds.

Kids (only one’s who can actually see the monsters) in the 1980’s save the world.

Setting idea inspired by Goonies. Kickstarter was planned around release of “It” and Stranger Things 2.

We talked about our binges of Stranger Things, no spoilers. Darren most dedicated, as he and his wife arose early and watched it all day.

Talk of Savage Worlds, dice size changes but no modifiers like that of Pathfinder as heard on the Glass Cannon Podcast.

Art by OF THE GAME IS BY Veronica V. Jones.

Talk of Jason L. Blair and  Little Fears RPG.

Peginc.com to get the Savage Worlds Rule book.

On BAMF podcast

Gaming in Schools and Libraries

andThere is a review of The Monster Hunters’ Club Preview on Wine & Savages, written by Sean Tait Bircher.

Darren G. Miller was a guest on the On RPGs podcast with Donald Dennis on October 15, 2017.

Darren starts listening to someone else’s podcast.

Talk of some stretch goals. EXCITING!

AAA: Spotify, One Note, Bring Fido

CCS game: chrysalisgames


Kickstarter Corner:

City Park

Dark Naga – Confronting Hastur for 5th Editionthrough 11/12

Space Corridor Battle Terrain

The Convergents – A Comic Themed Card GameReviews by Unfiltered Gamer, Previews by Logan Chops, and The Cardboard Stacker.

Historical Conquest 2.0

Adventures in Zombiewoodthrough 11/11 Geek Dad and Twist Gaming review it. Going for 4K stretch goal let’s help them get it if not more!

Family Funday Friday Episode 7: Shadow Strike Melee and Slush Fund 2

Shadow Strike Melee by Joshua over at Pure Fun Games. Just launched on Kickstarter on 11/1. Gamer Leaf, Princess Leaf and Barbarian Leaf all LOVED it!

Only gripe Barbarian Leaf had was the Color of one of the factions.



Barbarian Leaf remembers 5 Minute Dungeon, He still liked it!



AAA: Army Men Battle Simulator



Played Dr. Finn’s Slush Fund 2

Once again the 3 of us loved it!



Barbarian Leaf joins me on Kickstarter Corner:

Dark Naga – Confronting Hastur for 5th Edition through 11/12

Space Corridor Battle Terrain



SPACEFIGHTER 11/5 back them for $1 to follow updates on this AWESOME GAME!



Adventures in Zombiewood through 11/11

Road/Kill: Vendetta less than 58 hours




The Convergents (Hopefully will be reviewing this after Logan Chops finishes up)

launched on 11/1/17



Unfiltered Gamer, Cardboard Stacker, Vince from Lucky Duck games and Kevin from Ape Games all gave GREAT reviews!



Barbarian Leaf Challenges y’all to take me on for both of these games!



Please review us on iTunes. Try to do what Richard from We’re not Wizards does, in no way do it justice.





Episode 54: End of the Trail – Find fortune in the California Gold Rush

Gamer Leaf sits down with Mike from Elf Creek Games the designer of End of the Trail – Find fortune in the California Gold Rush  


Game that he fell in love with in modern gaming: Dominion

Current favorite game: Gates of loyang TMG just re-printed last year  (designer) lighter than his other games Agrylica

Mechanic from La granja inspired mechanics of End of the Trail – Find fortune in the California Gold Rush

Part of http://www.cudoplays.com/ game design competition Visual design award winners

Wind up War from bellwethergames DesignersJessica ChuKatie Khau were previous entrants of Cudoplays

Another Entry was, victoriana by Benjamin GaileyBrad Lawrence from Game’s Afoot

Also, Claim from


Showcased it at Geekway to the West

Origins with nothing to sell

Were right across from Leader games, Mr B Games and Shoot Again Games.

Had to push KS back as Bryce Walter from “We Make Games” couldn’t make the video because of Hurricane Irma.

If you work, take a day off on the 1st day of a Kickstarter.

If you like Poker like Dave Killingsworth back this one

Rahdo says unique way to do multi use cards

Alantis Rising revising a game previously published by Zman games




Logan Chops Reviews

To help others learn new games coming out

One of the channels that has similar content: Unfiltered Gamer

Why should we watch Logan Chops: Honest Free reviews. Watch a lot of reviewers not just his. A lot of perspectives when wanting to get a game.

1st game to review: Dragon Fire. Almost coming to retail

Jack Spoener creator of Dungeons of Infinity picked it up for him.

The Good (appeals to him) , The Bad (unappealing that could be fixed) & The Ugly (downright not good)

Growth: Partnered with me(Gamer Leaf and Giveaway Geek)

Subscribe to Mine and Logan Chops Channel’s on YouTube

Extra Life Live Stream to benefit Children’s Network Hospitals. November 4th is the Date to put on your calendar.

Funding Goal was $100, he achieved it but can always give more.

Renown Children’s Hospital

Let Joshua play instead of having to be the DM

Old School Hero Quest and Descent his favorite games of all time.

Games will be playing: Starwars X-Wing, Dragon Fire and a Kickstarter Game which is a birthday gift.

AAA: Pathfinder Adventure Card Game App

I ask him how the card game compares to the RPG as I’m a big GCP Fan.

Stock him at Joshua Burall on FB, on YouTube search Logan Chops, give him constructive criticism on how he can make his videos better.

He’s reviewed: Dragon Fire, Stick Figure Fighters, Dwarves Dig Delve and Dive, Frontier The Card Game, Naturally Disastrous, Rooster Rush by Mayday Games, Biggest Baddest Baddies, Lewt Ninja

Look for: Envy(Not family friendly)by dragon hawk games, Cast the Ritual, Crazier 8’s, Solar Flare Games (4-5 games) (Also got license to make Robotech Force of Arms card game)

Episode 52: Titan Effect RPG for Savage Worlds

This episode is brought to you by battlegrip.com

Gamer Leaf sits down with Christian to talk about Titan Effect RPG for Savage Worlds if you back, you’ll get the beta pdf

worked a lot with Jodi Black ofhttp://www.peginc.com/

Mix of Tom Clancy and X-Man

Bio-punk & Spy Thriller

No Lazer beams, though.

Savage Worlds Gore rules, and Super Powers Companion

AAA: Photo-shop and In-design

Christian sat down with The Wild Die podcast


Highlevel Games reviewed it

Facebook Page

Facebook group


Fisher Heaton Games’ INTELLE through 11/4

TSUKUYUMI – FULL MOON DOWN through 11/5 interview coming up

End of the Trail, interview coming up

Dark Naga – Confronting Hastur for 5th Edition

for 5th Edition through 11/12

Gloom of Kilforth expansion through 10/3

SPACEFIGHTER – Tabletop spacefighting game (in space)

Episode 51: Mazing

This episode is brought to you by Casual Game Revolution.

Gamer Leaf sits down with Clint to talk about his game Mazing on Kickstarter. 87% funded with 4 days to go. Help them cross the line!

It combines Blockus and Chess also a little inspiration from Tetris.

His next game is Scrable with dice.

We talk a bit about DC and Marvel.

AAA: Kickstarter App

Find out more about their fun game at: www.mazinggame.com

Kickstarter Corner with Princess Leaf

Spacefighter (Coolest 4 seconds of podcast)

Shout out to her fans, Eric’s Kids and Damian

Adventures in Zombiewood through 11/11

Road/Kill: Vendetta through 11/5

Re-Chord coming back to Kickstarter soon!

Space Corridor Battle Terrain

Family Funday Friday Episode 6: 5 Minute Dungeon

Barbarian Leaf asks Gamer Leaf about Coolbeans and fakes us out about AAA.

5 Minute Dungeons by Wiggles Company.

Even though we lost, 3 out of 3 Leafs approved.

Princess Leaf asks Eric’s kids for thumbs up.

Princess Leaf advocates giving us reviews on iTunes. Goes on a rant about a BIG thumbs up. Asks what we can do better on podcast.

She toys to look it up on kickstarter after Gamer Leaf leaves. She can’t find it.

If you have a shoutout on Kickstarter Corner, don’t worry we have at least 1 more episode being released his week.