Follow up to episode 50/ Character intro’s

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Gamer Leaf Ghille

Lady Leaf Nugget

Wizard Leaf Tantrum

Princess Leaf Boomer

Barbarian Leaf Tink

AAA: Pocket Casts. Dice Hard, The Glass Cannon Podcast (I’m speechless trying to come up with Piazo’s Pathfinder, sorry), We’re Not Wizards, Funding the Dream, Trail Manners, Board & Swords, RPG Academy, Tantrum House, Nerd Therapy, Rhado Talks through it.

Invitation to contribute to AAA. Email us a voice clip in which you tell us about your favorite current App.

From Impact Minatures: D20 / D30 RPG & DCC Dice Chain Sets -New D17, D19, D26 & D28 through OCT 26th

Fisher Heaton Games’ INTELLE  reminds me of Net Runner. Runs through 11/4 Happy Anniversary David and Wife!

TSUKUYUMI – FULL MOON DOWN (Funded!) through 11/5

Gloom of Kilforth expansion (Funded) through 10/31

Trench (Funded) through 10/19/17

Dark Naga – Confronting Hastur for 5th Edition through 11/12 It’s a sandbox RPG, I learned what that is from Skid of the GCP

Frontier the Card Game through 10/24

Angelblood RPG through 11/9 but plug through 10/25


Re-chord  through 10/27

Adventures in Zombiewood through 11/11 shoutout to anyone living near Belville Illinois

Happy Birthday to some people I know somewhat:

Michael Boone

Jess Smart Smiley

AMN Greg Edkin killer beard!