Family Funday Friday Episode 8; Hero Realms

Family Funday Friday: Hero Realms

Tune in on 11/15/17 as we will most likely be the 1st podcast to have Rob Daughtery the CEO of White Wizard Games to talk about SORCERER now on Kickstarter and also Hero Realms.

Make sure you listen as they will be giving away a copy of Hero Realms with the character packs as well as if we can get 250+ downloads of his interview episode we will back a copy of SORCERER to go to one lucky winner!

Barbarian Leaf liked it.

Princess Leaf changes her name and has a singing debut as well as goes on a laughing fit.

Rodney Smith “Watch it played” videos pretty good.

Sky Carlisle told  us  you can play a cooperative and/or single player mode.

Monster Hunter International RPG: Savage Worlds Edition watch for the author of book this was based on.

Want to see your game on kickstarter corner o be interviewed. How can we make the show better email us!

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