Family Funday Friday Episode 7: Shadow Strike Melee and Slush Fund 2

Shadow Strike Melee by Joshua over at Pure Fun Games. Just launched on Kickstarter on 11/1. Gamer Leaf, Princess Leaf and Barbarian Leaf all LOVED it!

Only gripe Barbarian Leaf had was the Color of one of the factions.



Barbarian Leaf remembers 5 Minute Dungeon, He still liked it!



AAA: Army Men Battle Simulator



Played Dr. Finn’s Slush Fund 2

Once again the 3 of us loved it!



Barbarian Leaf joins me on Kickstarter Corner:

Dark Naga – Confronting Hastur for 5th Edition through 11/12

Space Corridor Battle Terrain



SPACEFIGHTER 11/5 back them for $1 to follow updates on this AWESOME GAME!



Adventures in Zombiewood through 11/11

Road/Kill: Vendetta less than 58 hours




The Convergents (Hopefully will be reviewing this after Logan Chops finishes up)

launched on 11/1/17



Unfiltered Gamer, Cardboard Stacker, Vince from Lucky Duck games and Kevin from Ape Games all gave GREAT reviews!



Barbarian Leaf Challenges y’all to take me on for both of these games!



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