Family Funday Friday Episode 2: Slapshot


Slap shot

Barbarian Leaf loved it.

Gamer Leaf while he loves it says mimics Tom Vassel’s, of The Dice Tower, sentiments about it being glorified war. 1st game Barbarian Leaf states he would buy this game with his own money. Not sure if that’s because he won or he liked the cards. Barbarian gives 2 different opinions on the shape of the score tokens. Princess Leaf likes it too. 3 of 3 Leaf’s approve.

 Hint: When playing this, the bruiser can still loose, but they make the person have to get rid of the cards that they beat.

Unofficial Love of Game Anywhere Tables confessed!

On Kickstarter Corner Princess Leaf joins Gamer Leaf.

Ancient Artifacts

Like indiana Jones and Larry and the magic hairbrush.

Scrooge The Board Game

The Unfiltered Gamer does reviews Scrooge

Potato Pirates      


Arcade Fighter

The Cold Cash War 

upcoming interview.

Dawn of the Archmage

Cool minis like Summoner Wars.

Wing It! 

Swords & Sails Giveaway and KickStarter

During AAA Barbarian Leaf talks about War Robot. I didn’t understand anything that he said.he’s been playing War Robot which is on iTunes and Android.

Princess Leaf throws me under the bus saying she wants to do a Lotus episode. Also, we talk about our other plans. Halloween games for October.

Gamer Leaf calls his Ukraine Fans to action! Would love to hear from you:

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