Family Funday Friday Episode 17: Tiny epic Galaxies

Gamer Leaf Sits down with Barbarian Leaf, Princess Leaf and Wizard Leaf to talk about Gamelyn Games’ Tiny Epic Galaxies by Scott Almes with art by William Bricker

Learn how to play: 

Tiny Epic Galaxies – How To Play, by Watch It Played

Warriors of Jogu: Feint

by Tony Chen of Monsoon 

Hermetica the Board Game

Which runs through February 8 2018

The Journey Out of Homelessness

 Dead ’til Dawn – Zombie Survival Horror Card Game till Sat, February 24 2018

BLOCKCHAIN: The Cryptocurrency Game till February 24 2018

     Chris Modica one of the creators of Hermetica might like this one based upon his AAA choice during our interview

AAA: Minecraft with Wizard Leaf

Hopefully we’ll find more out about our upcoming The Game Anywhere Table Sponsorship. 

Couple shoutouts: The Giveaway Geek, BG News and Logan Chops Reviews. 

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