Episode 87 Kickstarter Creation: Ascendant Destiny

Gamer Leaf sits down with Chris Fielder

to talk about his new RPG System: Ascendant Destiny which is currently on Kickstarter

Notes to show: http://krunchygames.com.au/ascendant-destiny.html and https://cdfie1.deviantart.com/

AAA: My Singing Monsters

Kickstarter Corner:

Warriors of Jogu: Feint

by Tony Chen of Monsoon

through February 16 2018

Hermetica the Board Game 

Which runs through February 8 2018

 Dead ’til Dawn – Zombie Survival Horror Card Game till Sat, February 24 2018

for Podcast plugs every other episode for 30 days/

BLOCKCHAIN: The Cryptocurrency Game till February 24 2018

Creatures of Vathis: Volume One (D&D 5e & Pathfinder) through Sat, March 3 2018

Lexicons of Dueling Japanese Katana

through Sat, March 3 2018

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