Episode 76: Help Gamer Leaf with his Christmas episode!

It’s a Wonderful Gamer Life

Call for help: If you’re listening. Please send us some audio clips

1. Prayers for Gamer Leaf and family

2. What would life be like if Getting Geeky with Gamer Leaf were no more

3. What would life be without games.

quick 1-5 minute audio file nothing fancy.

Not sure if he is the one I should be quoting or who it was really but make sure to check out these 2 great podcasts that I recently discovered

Timothy Sexton’s Rockarchy’s Gaming Podcast (be advised he does swear on it.)

Marco, Sean and Dianna’s : TLDR Gaming Series podcast I’m the only one who’s reviewed their show. I call them out to release podcasts faster!

Guess who will be on the show on Wednesday 27 December 2017? You guessed it: Michael Wright who is The Unfiltered Gamer

Make sure you check out our Rahdo episode.

Shout out our network: Ryan Camic of The GiveawayGeek, Helena The Board Game News and Joshua Burall who is Logan Chops.

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Jake Andersen’s Squatch The Board Game | Time To Catch That Sneaky Devil

January 8 2018

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