Episode 75: That time Gamer Leaf and Barbarian Leaf Ran through it with Rahdo

This episode of Getting Geeky with Gamer Leaf is brought to you by Phillip Reed of Steve Jackson Games’ Battlegrip.com

Radho started off just wanting to play a simple Travel Scrabble. He went here to get it as it was the closest place during his business trip: Blue Highway Games the shop keeper recommended Z-Man GamesPandemic – The Board Game .

How much time does Richard spend doing Rahdo stuff?

Camille Deaton asked some questions

Every game he plays for the publisher is a weight baring down on him. 40 games from Essen starring at him.

What makes his show stand out? Non-scripted, spontaneity

doesn’t stop. His videos are like sitting down at table playing the game.

  1. Show game in best light. makes moves that don’t repeat self. to show off as much of game as possible.

Talk about Logan Chops Reviews and GoPro

Rahdo’s BGG Guild:

He did a rant for Myth designed by Brian Shotton  Kenny Sims from MegaCon Gameswhich the designer was okay with him releasing.

Ryan Laukat of Red Raven Games         

Islebound actually has a Rahdo variant in it.

Holy Grail Games who just ran Musuem on Kickstarter  had a lot of conversation with Rahdo about making it a 2 player game.

He did work on Simcity for console. 

was the closest video game to a board game.

He occasionally watched The Dice Tower as sometimes Tom Vassel beats him to the punch.

He used to be one of the 1st people to get videos up. But now it’s changing with Tom Heath

of Slicker Drips

He really enjoys no pun included 

NoPunIncluded on fb

Curse you Richard as I had to stop to watch their Gloomhaven video while researching show notes. So, yes it is entertaining!

See what question Barbarian Leaf stumps him on.

His favorites include: Pandemic, Agrycala, Gloomhaven, and Shadow Run Cross Fire

His podcast consists of a bunch of goodies, a lot of it is him answering your questions from answers game one’s 1st then life questions at end

Find him 

Have a game you want Rahdo to play?

If you’ve stuck around this long there is some questions asked of Rahdo that are LITTLE BOY HUMOR.

We even get someone as famous as Richard Hamm to use my catch phrase!

Paws against humanity

 Running through 1/28/18

Squatch The Board Game | Time To Catch That Sneaky Devil

through January 8 2018

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  1. Great Stuff! It was interesting hearing hearing Richard’s story and hearing your son jump in with questions.

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