Episode 74: Funding the Dream’s Richard Bliss while on my cell phone

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Gamer Leaf sits down with the famous Richard Bliss of Funding the Dream

Who began gaming with Mouse Trap, Monopoly and Careers to name a few.

Richard recently went from casual to heavy gaming. He went to some gaming cons and got very involved. Days of Wonder’s Memoir ’44 by Richard Borg was the game that got his attention.

His favorite’s depend upon the people he plays with. Which include:

Games are defined by their mechanics like Matt Leacock’s Pandemic

AJ and Solo Games.

Dominion for Deck Builders. Role for the Galaxy in Dice games.

Who is the Game Whisperer?

Who’s heard of Kickstarter? a few years ago seldom people knew what it was at GenCon

His podcast: He was in Board game space (even though Tom Vasle wonders if he even plays board games)

Richard brings a business perspective to the idea of what crowd funding was. He often says “Seldom do you have a funding problem, you almost always have a crowd problem. If you find the crowd it will solve the funding. So he set up a podcast that would talk to gamers (Well anyone) He uses it to teach you how to use these tools to be better at raising money for your crowdfunding project. As well as, to build you image, build you business: The legal aspects, the tax aspect, graphic design, shipping, manufacturing The whole Gambit on creating and crowdfunding your game.

He’s had the founders of Panda Games, Jamie Stegmeyer

bottom line: he helps teach people how to take advantage of this crowdfunding thing and raise money for whatever their dream is.

Doing all of this even got him on Good Morning America.

He will be slanting away from board games a little. One of these episodes will be about podcasting, some will be authors about patreon.

His last episode: Linkdin most downloaded. His downloads are way up. Summary is the hardest part. Post content that resonates with your audience. Someone using what Richard taught him over the weekend had over 10,000 views in 24 hours.

Will Linkdin be the next Facebook?

4 Big ones: Facebook (Personal), Linkdin (Business), Twitter (consuming a lot of content in a quick time), and instagram (communicate through pictures and hashtags) someone who works with him has 42k instagram followers, YouTube his daughter has a video channel of My Little Pony lypsynching (Tangerine Blast) (https://www.youtube.com/user/TangerineBlast)

AAA: Get Pocket: allows him to save stories to share on social media. Pocket will allow him to create content to share.

Buffer: helps him spread out his content spread out throughout the week.

REV.com $1 a minute it transcribes whole talk by humans, $0.10 a minute by Robots


Google: Richard Bliss

Not as hard to talk to famous people as suspected.

Kickstarter Corner:

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Paws against humanity

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