Episode 72: My Cats, My Dogs and Me

Gamer Leaf sits down with Tayrn to talk about  his new game on Kickstarter called My Cats, My Dogs and Me Ends Wed, December 27

Wrote a script for Jason Starne

currently in production called Chubby Cubbies


 Jason suggested that he make a board game based on stories he wrote for his daughter when she was younger.

It reminds me of shows like Milo and Ottis. Homeward Bound.

His game will have cats and dog minis, I love the idea of the wild pack.

Professionals helping him: Jason Starne and Jerald Lewis

AAA: Skyrim

he liked far cry primal having animals was cool

New to Social media FB & instagram

Kickstarter Corner:

Random Coping Chess Ends Wed Dec 6th, plus don’t forget Side Effects ends Thursday December 7th