Episode 71; Stool Pigeon

This episode of Getting Geeky with Gamer Leaf is brought to you be battlegrip.com by Phillip Reed from Steve Jackson games.

Gamer Leaf sits down with Nate to talk about his new game Stool Pigeon which is currently on Kickstarter. He made twists to games for high schoolers he works with.

Twisted Mayfair Games Settlers of Catan to use darts instead of dice. Set out exploding kittens as a mine field.

Nate recently got into Z-man Games’ pandemic.

Reviews: Burdown show does a live play through of Stool Pigeon, check it out here! https://www.facebook.com/BurndownShow/videos/1298410510265368/

AAA:  Ketch app’s http://www.ketchappstudio.com/ Favorite being: Falling Balls. He also likes Tower defense games like Clash of Clans.

I talk about Facebook Messenger’s Endless Lake as well as Looney Toons Dash.

Find them online by using Stool Pigeon Game instagram, Website and Facebook

We talk a little Clash of Clans as well as some of his upcoming game ideas.

Kickstarter Corner:

Random Coping Chess Ends Wed Dec 6th, plus don’t forget Side Effects ends Thursday December 7th Unfiltered Gamer really liked this game.

My Cats, My Dogs and Me Ends Wed, December 27