Episode 70l; NuÆther – Mechanix, Mutations, & Magic

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Gamer Leaf sits down with Dane Asmund to talk about his new game on Kickstarter NuÆther – Mechanix, Mutations, & Magic 

Started with Dungeon & Dragons. His favorite is dread which is a one shot game with a Jenga tower.

NuÆther is reminiscent of games like Hyper Light Drifter, or Bastion, or transistor

Kickstarter Corne: War Room: A Larry Harris Game Fri, December 8

4 different scenarios (Eastern Front, Europe, Pacific, Global) allows for a wide range of players is nice.  Many seem to assume that it is only good for 4-6 players.   Thanks!

2-6 (or even 7 unofficially if someone is willing to play just China)  All 4 scenarios can be played by just 2 players.

Random Coping Chess Ends Wed Dec 6th, plus don’t forget Side Effects ends Thursday December 7th Eduardo Barif is a backer of this game. Unfiltered Gamer really liked this game.

My Cats, My Dogs and Me Ends Wed, December 27 

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