Episode 68; Warmonger- The Ultimate Card Game of War for 1-4 Players

Gamer Leaf sits down with Eric Shefferman to discuss his new game warmonger on KickstarterEnds 12/7

War plus 21 blackjack, with different AI’s

Check out the group as Erik would love to hear about what other robots to add.

Started with a $20 goal. More important to get the game into peoples hands instead of trying to make a bunch of money.

“Publishing is promotion” Eric

Previous game: dysfunctional families

He’s very found of cats.

Refers to me as a notable reviewer. Will also be reviewed by Logan Chops.

AAA: Windows Solitare

Kickstarter Corner:

The Convergents – A Comic Themed Card Game Joshua Burall Reviews it, about $10,000 let’s see if we can help him get it!

Historical Conquest 2.0 canceled funding so contact them via FB to find out how to follow them.

Random Coping Chess, plus don’t forget Side Effects Eduardo Barif is a backer of this game. Unfiltered Gamer really liked this episode.

Review us on iTunes even if you don’t have an iTunes account, borrow someone elses!

Talk about the upcoming portion of the show I will be doing with Sky Carslyle of boardgame websites

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