Episode 65: Pigment – A Game for 2-3 Renaissance Painters

Gamer Leaf sits down with Michael Epstein the designer and director of copperfroggames to talk aboutPigment – A Game for 2-3 Renaissance Painters which ends it’s Kickstarter campaign on Thanksgiving Thu, November 23 2017 9:03 AM MST.

Started Gaming with D&D 3.5. It was a really important part of his life. He accidentally fell into board games. They went to local game store Pandimenium and picked up Dominion. Between that and Betrayl and House on the Hill.

His 1st game was Tattoo! The Game of Ink – A Board Game for 2-4 Players. Was working with Erik Bauer of Gaming Paper on this one (which didn’t make it, but he learned a lot) If it ever sees the light of day friends and family like:

Might enjoy it.

Will be coming back to Kickstarter with lower price and lower shipping rate

Upcoming games: Turf Tag, and Chisseled Deck builder/de-construction game

Cardboard prices have gone up as thousands of factories in china have shut down due to pollution. What I was telling you Seth Hiatt.

Jerry Holkins creator of Penny Arcade really enjoyed it!

Game described as Lords of Waterdeep ( Which Chris Renshaw of Boards & Swords podcast really likes this game) meets Splendor (One of our favorites, an episode upcoming) in half the time of Splendor.

I like the Speed painter pledge option where you can pay extra and get a prototype soonish.

Previews/reviews done with: Cloak and Maple, Unfiltered Gammer recommends it as do painters such as: Rick Berry

CMON recently released Modern Art, for life of me I couldn’t think of name during podcast.

Michael was recently on a podcast with Michael Wokasch of Fairway 3 Games who came out with Starving Artists.

Games artist is EmilyHancock

Pigment was inspired by a Magic The Gathering card. (Not sure how Richard from We’re not Wizards will feel about this, Not to fret though as he quickly redeems himself there.

Michael recently got back into Pokemon the trading card game and opened up 36 packs with a friend.

Some places he’s demo’d the game include: knightmovescafe, EUREKAPUZZLES, ToySoldierGames and PandemoniumBooks

AAA: Discord

which he uses to keep up with his old club

https://www.facebook.com/ProjectAegis/ introduced him to this app.

Pokemon international released pokemon magikarp jump  

Kickstarter corner: The Convergents – A Comic Themed Card Game

Historical Conquest 2.0 relaunching back for $1 nothing charged if doesn’t fund and stay updated!

Cabinet Game Table from Carolina Game Tables Back for $2 even if they don’t fund you’ll get the dinner and dice pdf as a thank you.

and Random Coping Chess 14 days to go, plus don’t forget Side Effects 15 days to go both of which are funded.