Episode 63: A Far Off Land, A Fate RPG in Two Worlds

Gamer Leaf sits down with Megan Bennett-Burks to talk about A Far Off Land, A Fate RPG in Two Worlds which is currently on Kickstarter (Which she co-authors with Jacob Possin)

She started RPGing with Rifts from  Palladium Books

I briefly mention MERP and how we will be starting our podcast RPG with Too Many Bones by Chip Theory Games.

She talks about the Fate system and why she went that way with her RPG.

Her previously published RPG Leaves of Chiaroscuro: Exploration & Intrigue in a Strange & Wondrous Renaissance

Found Jacob on Fate forum over at G+

Some of the art is done by Gennifer Bone and Tanyaporn Sangsnit

Get the Fate Core book

AAA: Combat Manager

Kickstarter Corner: Cabinet Game Table from Carolina Game Tables from Clint and Jodi Black from Pineacle Entertainment Group ends 11/27/17 (GET DINNER & DICE PDF for $2 even if they don’t fund or win it here!

and Random Coping Chess ends 12/8/17 , plus don’t forget Side Effects end 12/7/17

About to begin our journey of Too Many Bones by Chip Theory Games