Gamer Leaf sits down with Ed Jowett to talk about his latest creation on Kickstarter: Era: The Consortium – A Universe of Expansions 2

Started with Travler RPG, it’s also his inspiration. He’s always been into Sci-Fi

At Durham University they always play 24hr Role Playing Game as a tradition, he goes on to tell the story of Era: The Consortium.

Ed’s working on a Dr Who like horror game which sounds exciting.

I briefly bring up my playing of Middle Earth Roleplaying as a teen. (Remember that: David, Jordan, Michael, Charlene) I also talk about the Glass Cannon Podcast who play Piazo’s Pathfinder

We talk of Tom Anders recent dice chain set that was on Kickstarter.

Ed’s game uses the D10 die.

Dice and stuff plays his RPG’s on their podcast.

John Lewis helps him reformat his fake history book into what his RPG has become today.

5 comics out. 3 of them are Era of The Consortium

Counting down from 1 (Ed considers it their best comic. It’s about time travel so I’m intrigued as I’m a big Back to the Future Fan.)

2 Era of the Empowered (Super Hero comics.) 3rd about to come to kickstarter soonish.

AAA: Hearthstone which is a card game. (Ed plugs his own card games during this portion of the show: Champions of Earth and Evil Overlord)

A moment of silence to all of Ed’s fans for the London Underground as he uses his lack of internet to write more stories.

Best way to stalk them online Amy Allworden gives you lots of updates!

He mentions his interview he had with Richard of We’re not Wizards podcast.

He doesn’t know him personally but, Ed does know of Mark McKinnon so he really is of Wreck and Ruin Fame! Talk of his March re-launch of Wreck and Ruin.

Ed has a bunch more to say. Would you like to hear him ramble on more? (e-mail)

What’s next? Era of the empowered or of the Chosen will