Episode 61: 1st podcast in which Rob talks about White Wizard Games’ latest: Sorcerer

Big thanks to Deb and Sky for setting this up to allow Gamer Leaf sits down in Rob Dougherty (who is the CEO of White Wizard Games not the only hat he wears for the) ’s  very 1st interview about his new game on Kickstarter: Sorcerer .

0:00-6:00 We go over Rob’s history with military, gaming, magic and so on.

6:20 a little bit about the Magic Hall of Fame and mention of a lot of them moving from there into careers in hobby games which along with Rob includes Darwin Kastle (designer of Star Realms), some of the regulars at his store: Dave Humpherys (Wizards of the Coast) and Zvi Mowshowitz. Justin Gary of Stone Blade entertainment was a candidate.

7:55 where his inspirations have come from, his favorite game is still Magic

10:55 Hero Realms giveaway announced and talked about. Character packs and campaign mode.

22:00 Star Realms Frontiers

23:45 Hero Realms Boss Decks

27:04 Sorcerer was designed by Peter Scholtz (1st game designed by someone besides Rob or Darwin)  on Kickstarter

46:45 What White Wizard Games does with their Kickstarter exclusives

48:15 AAA: Star Realms App is free. Upgrade is $5 and across all platforms.

56:21: Answer this question for a chance to win a copy of Hero Realms and the character packs.

Kickstarter Corner: War Room: A Larry Harris Game

Space Corridor Battle Terrain

The Convergents – A Comic Themed Card Game Backed by Rob and Eduardo Baraf

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Cabinet Game Table from Carolina Game Tables Free cookbook up for grabs, listen to and answer question on our last episode!

and Random Coping Chess (FUNDED!) , plus don’t forget Side Effects