Gamer Leaf sits down is the 1st to sit down with Clint (author of Necessary Evil He also gives us a sneak peak of #FlashGordon) & Jodi Black from Pinacle Entertainment Group to talk about their Kickstarter: Cabinet Game Table from Carolina Game Tables.

Along with Shane Lacy Hensley they create the core of Pinnacle. They also have a great team from around the world (including UK and Australia

A bit of talk of Savage Worlds, Deadlands and test drives. Briefly mention Tom Anders from Impact Miniatures about his latest kickstarter dice chain set.

We also talk a bit about Darren whose The Monster Hunters’ Club RPG for Savage Worlds is about to wrap up.

We also talk about their current Kickstarter: Cabinet Game Table from Carolina Game Tables 

Carolina Game Tables has been running for about 2.5 years now

Kudos were given by some pretty notable people: worked with Ivan Van Norman from Geek & Sundry on the prototype, Mike Fehlauer, Vice President, Penny Arcade, Ben Dobyns from The Gamers Series, GeekDad.com, The Rules Lawyer, and more

Social media share stretch goals: If they reach this and you back at $2 you will get a copy of the pdf of Dinner and Dice a cookbook by gamers for gamers (Win a copy, 1st one to e-mail me correct answer)

Dinner&Dice Gamers cookbook with recipes from the likes of professionals in the industry: Marsha White from All Games Considered, Jason Bulmahn of Paizo, Nicole Lindroos from Green Ronin, Scott Woodard from Pinnacle.

Kickstarter Corner:

Space Corridor Battle Terrain

The Convergents – A Comic Themed Card Game previewed and reviews by Logan Chops, Unfiltered Gamer, Kevin from Ape Games and Cardboard Stacker

Historical Conquest 2.0

Cabinet Game Table from Carolina Game Tables

Random Coping Chess and Random Coping Chess

Next week Robert Daughtery joins us to talk about SORCERER (if we get enough downloads in time you can get this one!) giveaways Hero Realms to one lucky listener which Barbarian Leaf teases it is like evil Scrooge