Episode 59: Tabula Rasa: A colorful Pool/Bag Building Game of Champions!


Gamer Leaf sits down with Chris Peach to talk about his game Tabula Rasa: A colorful Pool/Bag Building Game of Champions!  (Funded in 1st week)

He would compare it to Renegade Games Clank & Clank in Space.

Tabula Rasa inspired by Final Fantasy and Deck building

Got his start through Magic The Gathering.

Did a lot of volunteer work. Some with Greater than Games.

Apologies for some of my guests audio being static.

AAA: Beta: Legendary the App, Jason Brenner from Upper Deck like the Marvel legendary deck builder but a different theme. “If you’re listening Jason Brenner I want you to add more”

Find them online!

Came up with name thanks to Calvin and Hobbs. Creator of that as well as Schultz creator of Peanuts are from there.

During a pregnancy most discuss/argue children names, not Chris this is when he came up with his board game company name instead.

Dallas Mehlhoff (Artist for Elder Sign and X-Wing) from fantasy flight has been with Kid Loves Tiger Games from it’s inception. Working with one of the most reputable manufacturers Ludo Fact

Game Designers out there: Chris gives his final parting advice to y’all “He can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday night than coming on Getting Geeky with Gamer Leaf……