Episode 57: Side Effects

Gamer Leaf sits down with the crew (Jen, Kat, Ben and Jade) from Pillbox Games. They fight over who’s got the most soothing voice. Also tell us all about Side Effects their new gam on Kickstarter.

Jade should’ve worked for Milton Bradley if child labor laws hadn’t been an issue you might’ve been able to play Slumopoly.

Kat’s birthday party game show is discussed. Jen took it hands down!

SideEffects inspired by Melbourne.

A lot of research went into this, it was checked by Pharmacists and MD’s alike.

Ben does beer ads and games

Reviews: Unfiltered Gamer, The Cranky Old Gamer


Face Swap(Minutes faster than Ben) Pro is $0.99

Not Hot Dog on android & iTunes

Jen gladly invites you to stalk her in person and on instagram

If you do stalk Jen come on our next sit down with pillbox games.

Kickstarter Corner:

Adventures in Zombiewoodthrough 11/11

Heroes of History: Iron Phalanx and Dragonboat Raiders

Next week Robert Daughtery joins us to talk about SORCERER

What can we do to make Family Funday Fridays Funner?

Review on iTunes!

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Carl of 2 Ton Porqupine told us he wanted us to ask others what they struggle with on kickstarter: An upcoming segment of me and Sky Carlisle giving you kickstarter advice. (WHAT SHOULD WE CALL THE SEGMENT?)