Episode 56: Shadow Strike Melee

Gamer Leaf sits down with Josh Buel for an exclusive interview of Pure Fun Games to talk about  Shadow Strike Melee: Ninja Card Game which is currently on Kickstarter. cody.a.rushing introduced him to gaming.

Started with Ascension, Dominion, Nuns on the run.

He traded out Dominion for Clank.

Current favorite(S): Star Wars Rebellion with his wife

War games: Kemit, Blood Rage and Adrenaline

Logan Chops video

Parade (used as prototype)+Hanabi (used mechanic but changed to competitive)= Shadow Strike Melee: Ninja Card Game

Josh also makes instructional videos for games that don’t have them according to BGG. His latest was Spike.

Talk of learning games through video. Rodney Smith and Shut up and sit down (They have comedy) for Dead of winter.

Look for a preview by The Game boy Geek.

Talk about Rahdo’s review of Santorini and how it took longer to watch than to play with Lady Leaf as she beat me so fast

Upcoming games: Shadow Strike Ninja Board game, Dogfighting in air with paintball guns (Deckbuilder)

AAA: Google Keep

Best way to get ahold of them.

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Kickstarter Corner:

Dark Naga – Confronting Hastur for 5th

Editionthrough 11/12

Our colds derange our voices and we lost Princess Leaf. But the show must go on like Richard from We’re not Wizards says.

Space Corridor Battle Terrain

The Convergents – A Comic Themed Card Game

Logan Chops previews it!

Historical Conquest 2.0 hopefully the Leaf’s will be reviving this.

Adventures in Zombiewood (FUNDED) through 11/11

Side Effects (Funded in 10 hours!) NEXT EPISODE!

Next week Robert Daughtery of White Wizard Games joins us to talk about SORCERER

Also, an upcoming guest on our Monday RPG show: Larry Correia author of Monster Hunter Inc is becoming Monster Hunter International RPG: Savage Worlds Edition (FUNDED)

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