Episode 55: KAPOW! – A fast and furious Superhero dice building game

Gamer Leaf sits down with Carl to talk about 2Ton Porcupines’ latest game KAPOW! – A fast and furious Superhero dice building game currently on Kickstarter.

Date’s his getting into boardgameing back to Heroquest and wizard’s of the coasts’ Magic the Gathering

Current favorites Greater than Games’ Sentinals of the Multiverse.

Buildable dice games like theirs: Asmodee’s Diceforge,Rio Grande Games’ Rattlebones

Reviews: Just got playedUnfiltered Gamer,  Undead VikingCloak & Meeple, Board Game Brawl Preview, Board Game Exposure group in UK

AAA: Overwatch by Blizard, took notes in creating their deaf hero. Spoiler for Glass Cannon Podcast: Baron being blind for a few episodes.

2Tonporqupine on FB

Praises our intro we ask the designers to start answering questions. Which will lead to a new portion of the show co-hosted with Sky Carlisle.