Episode 51: Mazing

This episode is brought to you by Casual Game Revolution.

Gamer Leaf sits down with Clint to talk about his game Mazing on Kickstarter. 87% funded with 4 days to go. Help them cross the line!

It combines Blockus and Chess also a little inspiration from Tetris.

His next game is Scrable with dice.

We talk a bit about DC and Marvel.

AAA: Kickstarter App

Find out more about their fun game at: www.mazinggame.com

Kickstarter Corner with Princess Leaf

Spacefighter (Coolest 4 seconds of podcast)

Shout out to her fans, Eric’s Kids and Damian

Adventures in Zombiewood through 11/11

Road/Kill: Vendetta through 11/5

Re-Chord coming back to Kickstarter soon!

Space Corridor Battle Terrain