Episode 47: Frontier The Card Game

Frontier The Card GameEnds 10/24 @16

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Princess Leaf joins us as we sit down with Joshua from Meet me at the Table games to talk about his new Kickstarter game. Which has option of Solo play.

The person who starts first is the last person to have seen a western, which reminds me of DiceHard

Magnificent 7, Ridiculous 6. What’s your favorite Western movie?

How does one pronounce Missouri?

Josh’s favorite card games are Dommion and yu-gi-oh.

Ellen Warning is Frontier’s artist

Taylor Tate Monster Mania’s artist(His upcoming game)

He’s working on a hand building game, which reminds me of End of the Trail

We talk of Smash-up.

AAA: Photoshop

How to stalk

Kickstarter Corner:

Angelblood RPG through 11/9 but plug through 10/25 Live Character Creation Stream Oct 18 at 3:00pm MST

Re-chord  through 10/27


Adventures in Zombiewood (FUNDED) reviewed by Geekdad on Kickstarter through 11/11

Road/Kill: Vendetta on Kickstarter through November 5 2017 6:59 AM MST.

Dark Naga – Confronting Hastur for 5th Edition through 11/12 Really COOL GIVEAWAY (Open Worldwide some exclusions) from Creator, myself and The GiveawayGeek Sandbox adventures (I learned what that is from The Glass Cannon Podcast)