Episode 45: Back in time to my 1st Gamer Leaf interview with Jay Sears not JP Sears

Gamer Leaf goes back in time to his 1st interview for the podcast ever in which he sits down with Jay Sears from Down Under not JP Sears from America.

We talk Game design.

He Studied mechanics and everything in  Games on his own for 2 years.

His Blog is very informative.

He Writes the rulebook 1st

As he is inspired by shows his daughter watches my favorite podcast from the outback is brought up: Dice-hard

apples and mud sent off to Habba and May-Fair games

Things he knows you need: Sell sheet, How to play video research your publisher

Before he delve into Game design he tried music. Hear some here!

AAA: Pin drop that travel app I’m constinetly stating someone talked about is finally upon us.