Episode 44: Maybe It’s Poison?

In which Gamer Leaf sits down with Bryan from Bored Brothers to talk about their new game “Maybe it’s Poison” 8$ shipping wherever you are!

Hardest part on Kickstarter, building their audience.

Previous Game called Switch Fast paced card game. Carried in Utah (Red Balloon Toy Store), Missouri and Michigan.

2 Geeks 1 Mic, Shawn Barrows cos players

Snow in Utah in September so stalk them here FB

AAA: Dischord

Kickstarter corner: Crazy Commute, Only $14

Cheese Quest (Funded)

Swords & Sails ends 10/13

Angelblood RPG ends 11/9

Frontier The Card Game till 10/24

No Birthdays, If you have an upcoming Bday let us know

We thank our Patrons. Looking at giving backers extra content

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