Episode 41: Podcast Exclusive on how parents can Collect the Most Candy on Halloween.

Gamer Leaf sits down with Brian Edwards creator of Monster Dice 1st time ever on a podcast!

Mini-games to get kids away from devices and back to table.

He will be on National TV on ABC’s Toy Box Sunday OCT 8th 7pm

Shark Tank for toys & games. Game pitched to 5 kids from 8 to 12. Chance to have Matel pick up games and have them sold at Toys R us. Another contestant is Ashley Mady who created Mad Moves

When he’s not creating Monster Dice, Brian is teaching Parkour. So look for some possible stunts during his television debut.

He Applied for Wipeout, didn’t make that show but same casting company sent him an e-mail about this opportunity

His Favorite game besides Monster Dice: Roxley Games’ Santorini and Grim Slingers

Artist for monster dice is Stephen S Gibson

AAA: Clash Roayal

130 Stairs to Lake Erie from Lake View Erie his mom and pop’s hotel on the lake front

Stay updated!

There will be some great giveaways going on after the ABC Show.

If winner of Toybox, game can be bought day after grand finale

Last season’s winner’s: Art Splash, and James A Damato‘s from One Shot podcast‘s  Noisy Person