Episode 34; Rooster Rush


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Gamer Leaf sits down with our 2nd most famous guest Seth Hiat.

Seth’s Gateway game was Settelers of Catan

Ryan Brenz now the President of Mayday games was like the Tuperware sales man of boardgames

I Couldn’t remember the name of the game that hooked me (Blood Rage)

Seth has ran 39 successful kickstarters.

His favorite: VICEROY which is a lot like Splendor

He walks me through how to find his games on his website.

Rooster Rush Trying to cross the road. Spinning tokens and trying to get crosswalk

If you can flick a token you can play. Can get it for $10. KS exclusive for $15.

No chickens killed or harmed in the making of this game.

Careful Seth’s yawns might be a bit contagious.

Seth was Proud of getting a well known designers (Antoine Bauza & Corentin Lebrat

) to design one of their games.

It’s a fast easy gateway game for $10!

In AAA: Seth talks about Snagit

Screen or video capture sharing. Great for training!

Find Seth at Mayday Games

Booths at major Cons.

Giveaway a week for 2 more weeks at The Giveaway Geek.

Dan King Gameboy Geek

During Kickstarter Corner Princess Leaf takes over on her 1st Solo Kickstarter Corner as well as thanking our Patrons. She starts off with a joke to introduce Mayday Games Latest: Rooster Rush

Cheese Quest

Frontier the Card Game has re-launched with a smaller goal and shorter length.

Scrooge almost to it’s goal

Swords & Sails

The Cold Cash War

Dawn of The Archmage

Arcade Fighter

Ancient Artifacts

Angelblood Publishing’s RPG