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Gamer Leaf sits down with Dominic of Medieval Lords creator of Black Souls 2.0- Cheaper. Better More. On Kickstarter. A board game in which you are making a hard video game. There is a lot of reverences in this game to Dark Souls Video games. He talks of how Rhado might be more biased as he used to design video games as well.

A bit about Dominic’s beginning in designing. Like stated he used to also design video games such as work with ubiesoft, Games such as: Raving rabbids, Prince of Persia (little flash games to promote for the movie) Hasbro, Heroscape while it was #1. Has been in it for sometime. Stepping away to do own game. This is his 7th. He talks of how hard shipping is for those running Kickstarter’s.  Quartermaster Logistics is helping them with logistics to make 2.0 a better experience for everyone involved. People don’t like shipping charged after campaign. Get this game in the states for $49 which includes shipping. In EU it is $20 for shipping, they are picking up your VAT! Easy game to teach, there’s a video that is only 2.5 minutes! You have to fight to go 1st! None of this fluff on how they choose who goes 1st like on one of my favorite podcasts, Alex’s Dice Hard. People loved it at GenCon. Rhado reviewed 1.0, he might even get a varian named after him.

Dominic’s favorite game ever is Seasons designed by Régis Bonnessée by:  Asmodee, he said it would be good if it was a board game instead of just a card game. But, he really loves it! He has over 3k board games and over 5k video games! What a COOL job he has! He is also a Lecturer for game design degree at
Mages Institute of excellence. His favorites he created are Castle Dukes and Sweet Spot. (Which is a sport game, that people should give a chance. Edo reviews it on it’s page)

Got to love his pronunciation of Monopoly.

Castle Dukes is a Euro game with dexterity in it.

Hitman Holiday would be my favorite, I’ve never tried it, it was his 1st game.

I’m excited about his talking about By the Sea (place holder name) A dice mechanic we have never seen. An exclusive on Getting Geeky with Gamer Leaf. IT HAS TO BE FUN, even though it is first ever, first ever is just a bonus, GOT TO BE FUN! He has 11 games in the making….. Watch Medeval Lords

AAA Dominic talks about What’s App Communication based on internet usage. Popular Chat app. App switches back and forth between $1 and free. If he could make it better he would add games to it. Contact: Medeval Lords

Kickstarter Corner includes these great games:

Potato PiratesArcade fighterscroogeAncient artifactsWing itSwords and sailsThe cold cash warsdawn of arch magecheese questtrenchrooster rush


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