Episode 31: Cheese Quest: A tabletop game of tactics and sabotage

Gamer Leaf sits down with Phil the creator of Cheese Quest: A tabletop game of tactics and sabotage, which is currently on Kickstarter.

We confess that Game Anywhere Tables are better than bread

We talk about his humble beginings of editing Candy Land ,to make it more difficult, to his start with Magic the Gathering by Wizards of the Coast to his transition into what tabletop has become with carcassonne by Z-Man Games and Dominion by Rio Grande Games. He’s always LOVED games. For Carcasone he just adds expansions, for Dominion to have more players he just adds more cards. We talk about these two games for a bit. He pretty much gives me the low-down on these 2 gateway games. His 1st favorite deck builder for introducing people into deck building is Acension from Stoneblade entertainment. I bring up White Wizard Games’ Star Realms and Tasty Minstriel Gamse’ Cthulu Realms. Phil would love it if Dominion made it so it could be balanced to fit 8 players or so as a party game. He talks about Clank, which is a deck builder with a board. He gives it a lot of praise. Top of his list. He LOVES games. All mechanics as well depending upon how well they’re done. He doesn’t like mechanics that require him to debate, entertaining, or improv.

Cheese Quest, the quest for cheese. Mice in a maze trying to get cheese. Helping self and sabotaging others. He wanted something that was easy to learn and that was good for the entire family. 8+ so good for kids to play together, Kids can play with their parents, and adults can play together.

Cardboard edison helped him playlets his game.

I talk about mention something Carla of of Weird Giraffe Games (who just launched and had her game Stellar Leap funded on Kickstarter) said on We’re not wizards how it is great when a stranger likes your game. ( I think I accidentally called her Molly though, sorry Carla.)  Audience asked him for a print and play so you can play it before you back it, so he made that for you. peter gandia does the art. 5 days in and it crossed 50% funding during our interview.

Cheese Quest Easy to learn and play.

Reviews by Druid City games, Unfiltered Gamer and Edo’s Game Reviews, all on his Kickstarter page.

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For AAA: He uses Clash Royal also on iTunes, card game in an arena where you are trying to have minions take down opponents towers. How to find him: Phil Schadt on FB and Twitter

Ancient Artifacts like Indiana Jones, she found that the 3 movies are free on Amazon Prime.

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Robert Asprin’s The Cold Cash War

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