Episode 30: Robert Asprin’s The Cold Cash War


I confess my undying love of Game Anywhere Table’s and our unofficial hopeful Sponsorship by them.

We sit down with Jonathon from Battle Field Press to talk about his latest project: Robert Asprin’s The Cold Cash War which the Robert Asprin Estate allowed him to create a RPG setting for both the Cephas and Savage Worlds settings. This will make their 13th Savage World Setting.

Jonathon sat down in 1980 to play Dungeon Dragons and hasn’t looked back since. Dungeon Fantasy was his latest Kickstarter prize as his RPG collection ranges incredibly. For Newbies he suggests his Ninja highschool and tales of equestria rpg. Advice he gives to those whom are newer: Find something that is licensed.

He goes into a bit of how the setting of his new game setting might look. And why it might be delivered in 2018.

For AAA Jonathon s\talks about: Hero Lab Character builder and PCGen

To find him online you can go to Battlefield Press website as last resort.

Best place to get any of his settings is Drive thru RPG or go to local game stores

On Kickstarter Corner Princess Leaf joins me to talk about some great games including:

Cheese Quest which we hope to have on the show this wednesday

Scrooge the boardgame

Dawn of the Archmage: Cool minis and similar to Sumoner wars

Ancient Artifacts like indianas Jones and Larry and the magic hairbrush

Arcade Fighter bring games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat

Swords and Sails goes until October 13th

Wing-it which is less than $300 from funding, have the best story based upon random objects

Cheese Quest, reached 50% of goal while I interviewed the creator. about 21 days left.

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