Episode 29: Darian Apocolypse

We sit down with Gary Dicken to talk about Darian Apocalypse based on the 1698 expedition of Scotland.

It’s Co-op or competitive which makes for a lot of re-playability

A little bit of skrewage in this game

Play against the 4 horsemen as well as each other

Gary and his friends Got fed up paying for games in the 70’s that weren’t good so started making their own games.

a few of his Favorites include: Great western Trail, Tigress Euphrates, Zulu Reto

History of the world: Is One of their games

They design games and not videos

this is their 6th Kickstarter

He doesn’t remember what the game is at the time, but he talks a bit about the new app. I believe it might be Dized but I say tabletopia

Steam Donkey

Whipping Bobby Lee

Find out about all their GAMES!

I’m joined by Princess Leaf on Kickstarter Corner

Ogre Cheerleaders which has less than 12 hours to go and less than $400 needed

War Titans: Invaders Must Die! 

Ancient Artifacts

Scrooge The Board Game

Potato Pirates

Arcade Fighter

Andoria Battlefields

Avertigos Flying Ships

The Cold Cash War

I loosly quote one of my favorite podcasts We’re not Wizards about show notes

Swords & Sails Giveaway and KickStarter

Dawn of the Archmage: Cool Mini’s Like Summoner Wars

Wing It!  Penguins smell bad, but not in this game, it’s a creative story game giveaway too

check out all The Giveaway’s

To Prep for our upcoming RPG episodes which will be Mondays: We will be

playing Too Many Bones by Chip Theory Games (Name

to be determined)( Might be a giveaway involved!) listen to  the interview

of the famous Skid Maher of the Glass Cannon Podcast                                                                                                                                          Warrior Princess Leaf gets a little confused on our signing off and tries to tell you we are signing off of one of her many favorite YouTube channels

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