Episode 27: Avertigos- A 3D Boardgame with Flying Sail-Ship Miniatures


In which we sit down with siddharth jain whom used to create video games: such as:3Dhive.mobi, Statecraft, Ecocity, Vanished, Magic Lanterns, Zen Fashion, Head Hunter, Real Cricket, BADA55 at Playware Studios  to discuss his new

game:Avertigos- A 3D Boardgame with Flying Sail-Ship which is now on

Kickstarter. It’s like Miniatures x-wing with scythe including lego like

miniature ships which move up and down like they’re flying.

It’s an Asian Steampunk story. memoir44, terraforming mars, small world,

Coup, exploding kittens,  Kanban Automotive Revolution Other Favourites: Machi Koro, Coup in fillers. Memoir 44, Wings of Glory and Terraforming mars, Small World.

He enjoys playing these with his 9yr old daughter: Formula D, black fleet

Panda games who make pandemic will be manufacturing it.

During AAA he talks about microscopes for your cellular phone

Before us Sid appeared on People Make things podcast by Christopher Natsuume producer of far cry video game.

Little Leaf or Bat Leaf trys to get us in trouble with DC Comics

For Kickstarter Corner:

Sails and Swords by Jason Williams just launched

Wing it by Molly Zeff has less than 2 weeks.

Robert Asprin’s The Cold Cash War by Jonathon Thompson

Don’t forget: Potato Pirates #codingwithoutcomputers

Scrooge the Board Game by the Gehring brothers: Simon and Peter

Andoria Battlefields by Wisam El

Derik Duley’s Ancient Artifacts , which reminds me of Indiana Jones, is doing really good as it’s had a few mentions on The Dice Tower.

Clint Stoker’s Arcade Fighter is what Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat might look like if you turned off the TV and brought them to the tabletop.

Dawn of the Archmage returns!

Ogre Cheerleaders only has to reach $2 more than $700 and only has less than 62 hours remaining.