Episode 26: Skid Maher of The Glass Cannon Podcast

In which I sit down with: Skid Maher of The Glass Cannon Podcast

Which also stars: Troy Lavallee, Joe O’Brien, Matthew Capodicasa,

Grant Berger.

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Skid talks about how Nerd Poker turned him onto creating their own podcast.

His favorite RPG would have to be Traveller RPG. He loves the palladium

system. Loved the Critical tables in MERP. 1st thing they did to get famous

is they figured out how iTunes worked, they had everyone who they knew:

If you ever loved me subscribe and download 1st 2 episodes even if you

don’t listen, got them on Hot and New. Had an article about them by Geek

and Sundry. GCP’s Purpose: Introducing people to Role Playing. Raising

awareness of how AWESOME RPGing is, it also creates friendships through

the show. Sounds like an old-time radio show. The story time possibilities.  

He’s inspired us to get on with our adventures in the dice RPG game: Too

Many Bones by Chip Theory Games Skid states it is a lot easier if you sit

down with someone whom plays, or listen to them, Critical Role, Sneak

attach to help you get up to speed, but best way is to play with

someone(s) who already know the game. RPG Academy: If you’re not

having fun you’re doing it wrong.

Advice: Start as simple as you can: Dungeon World (Not a Rule Heavy)

GCP also has a Sub-Reddit (whatever that is) with a link to their Dischord

has people waiting to play online which is a good option.

It’s probably best to start listening to The Glass Cannon podcast at the

begining: otherwise it’d be like watching Breaking Bad the 1st episode

season 5.

FOR AAA Skid talks about: syrinscape by Ben Lumas for their sound

effects for the show Soundsets for all kinds of settings 4 basic sound sets

are free or can purchase, or subscribe for $12.99 for 2 months. You can

sign up once and download every one and unsubscribe and their yours

forever. To make it better.

Nick Lowe from Marvel comics created the skid jingle that skid sings:

Nerdage which is his favorite song ever. Pretty soon there will be a Glass

Cannon subset on Sirenscape.

During Kickstarter Corner I touch upon: Ancient Artifacts which is a lot like

indiana Jones.

Arcade Fighter which reminds me of Street fighter or Mortal combat

Robert Asprin’s The Cold Cash War from Battlefield Press, Inc.

 created by Jonathan M. Thompson