Episode 36: The Mother of All Expansions expansion the Naturally Disastrous



Gamer Leaf sits down with Wood T yrell

His 1st Kickstarter was Dragonmage warfare

He started by combining Settelers of Catan+Rish

He owns 70% of Risks Lord of the Rings Risk being his favorite.

His current Kickstarter: The Mother of All Expansions expansion the Naturally Disastrous

it uses Dice instead of cards on AI

In this game Friends showing up late to game night can hop right in and play

He will be using WinGo Games publishing my friend David Lockwood works for them.

Race to the Barm Captains


from the creators of Just Got Played

Vast the crystal Caverns

Contact Tyrell at Silverlakegames@gmail.com

I’m alone on Kickstarter Corner:

Rooster Rush

Frontier the Card Game

look for a review from Logan Chops!


Arcade Fighter

Swords & Sails

The Cold Cash War

Ancient Artifact: Less than $1000 to go, go check it out!

Cheese Quest

Dawn of the Archmage Solar Flare games recently aquired the IP for Robotech Force of Arms which is based on a 1985’s Anime (85 episodes).

Angelblood RPG The

Wreck and Ruin launching 3 October as talked about on We’re not Wizards