Family Funday Friday Episode 13;Arcadia Quest- Inferno

Princess Leaf steals the Mic to introduce: Josh & Adam of Chip Theory Games’ Too Many Bones. If looking for those episodes make sure you check out our Rolling with the Leaf’s episodes.

In this episode we talk about Barbarian Leaf’s favorite game: Arcadia Quest- Inferno

Apologies for some coughing and our voices as we’re getting over a nasty Christmas cold. But as Richard of We’re Not Wizards says “The Show must go on”

They try to pull off a musical, but to no avail.

Barbarian Leaf calls for vengeance against Gamer Leaf.

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Episode 77: The time Gamer Leaf tried to filter the Unfiltered Gamer

Luckily Gamer Leaf sits down with Michael Wright who is the Unfiltered Gamer. We had to interrupt his filming of Millennium Blades by Level 99 games and Eaggle-Gryphon Games’ Lisboa which would’ve never happened had Jen Igartua of pillbox games not stood up and told him we were looking for him. SO HUGE THANKS AND SHOUTOUT TO YOU JEN!

He started off with Fireball Island. He used to work in LA on stuff like Sharknado, a show on Netflix called Little Dead Rotting Hood (going out on a limb to say this movie isn’t family friendly) used to be a fan of monopoly and Risk. Unfortunately he wouldn’t reveal his Risk strategy to us, stating he’d rather play games like Small world and Cthulhu Wars by Petersen Games) Or, just roll the dice really well to win at Risk.

A lot of the work he does is with those running Kickstarter campaigns.

He has got the pleasure to work with Minion Games (miniongames) , Roxley (roxleygames), Wiz kids (wizkids), Petersen Games (PetersenGames)

Spinmaster (SpinMaster) most recently to name a few. We rave about their newly acquired 5-Minute Dungeon. Which they recently did a FB Live video playthrough of along with Dropmix (dropmixgame)

He’s recently discovered war games and is quite fond of: Naval Battle in Archipelago (board game))

Game he backed on Kickstarter Other 7 Sins by CMON

Of games he’s reviewed: (Radiant ) by (Randal Marsh)

He gives a little Kickstarter advice: Artwork and a good video, reviews, banner ads and live gameplay

We talk about Dave Killingsworth of Solar Flare Gamesand his upcoming games

Michael’s wife Kelly wright does rule book edits.

Talks about Kickstarter Experts and brings up The Daniel Zayas company.  and a bit about Kickstarter Experts. of which Daniel is one. He also recently started as longpackgames’ US Sales Manager

Michael talks about his FB Live videos in which he will.

Want a review from the Unfiltered Gamer?

He works with ferdinand who is the Cardboard Stacker

Dane with Every Thing Board Games

and Ryan at The Giveaway Geek

Michael: Is it really work if it’s a passion or if I enjoy it?”

We talk a bit about Hermetica The Game which is set for a Kickstarter launch on Jan 9th 2018. Michael raves about the matt and the box.

Hermetica will be on the live play through tonight at 730pm pst 

He will be at Pax South and Get Con this upcoming year.

AAA: Image applications!  Word SwagPixler & Prisma , Canova

Finally at end we facilitated Grant the camera man’s debut into the podcasting world. Let us know if you’d like to have us have him on the show!

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Dwar7s Winter ends 15 Jan

Squatch | The World’s Most Addicting Board Game! ends January 8th

Rolling with The Leaves Episode 4: Too Many Bones

Day 5 of our adventures. Miss the previous four? Go back and listen now, we’ll wait, possibly…

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Unfortunately due to some health issues, I had to act the part of both myself asn Lady Leaf (Nugget)

Sorry for the audio changes throughout, hopefully you can hear us all without too much trouble. Also, sorry if I didn’t get all the coughs, we came down with a cold as I was doing this.

Help us name my wolverine.

12:15 is all our adventures.

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Episode 76: Help Gamer Leaf with his Christmas episode!

It’s a Wonderful Gamer Life

Call for help: If you’re listening. Please send us some audio clips

1. Prayers for Gamer Leaf and family

2. What would life be like if Getting Geeky with Gamer Leaf were no more

3. What would life be without games.

quick 1-5 minute audio file nothing fancy.

Not sure if he is the one I should be quoting or who it was really but make sure to check out these 2 great podcasts that I recently discovered

Timothy Sexton’s Rockarchy’s Gaming Podcast (be advised he does swear on it.)

Marco, Sean and Dianna’s : TLDR Gaming Series podcast I’m the only one who’s reviewed their show. I call them out to release podcasts faster!

Guess who will be on the show on Wednesday 27 December 2017? You guessed it: Michael Wright who is The Unfiltered Gamer

Make sure you check out our Rahdo episode.

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January 8 2018

Family Funday Friday Episode 12: Summoner Wars

Gamer Leaf talks with Barbarian and Wizard Leaf about Wizard Leaf’s favorite game: Pladhat’s Summoner wars designed by Colby Dauch

I compare it to a Nintendo game I had growing up: Battle Chess

We all liked it!

Do they have Summoner championships?

AAA: Discord now has an official Getting Geeky with Gamer Leaf Network

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What shall we do for our 100th episode which is almost upon us? 

Episode 75: That time Gamer Leaf and Barbarian Leaf Ran through it with Rahdo

This episode of Getting Geeky with Gamer Leaf is brought to you by Phillip Reed of Steve Jackson Games’

Radho started off just wanting to play a simple Travel Scrabble. He went here to get it as it was the closest place during his business trip: Blue Highway Games the shop keeper recommended Z-Man GamesPandemic – The Board Game .

How much time does Richard spend doing Rahdo stuff?

Camille Deaton asked some questions

Every game he plays for the publisher is a weight baring down on him. 40 games from Essen starring at him.

What makes his show stand out? Non-scripted, spontaneity

doesn’t stop. His videos are like sitting down at table playing the game.

  1. Show game in best light. makes moves that don’t repeat self. to show off as much of game as possible.

Talk about Logan Chops Reviews and GoPro

Rahdo’s BGG Guild:

He did a rant for Myth designed by Brian Shotton  Kenny Sims from MegaCon Gameswhich the designer was okay with him releasing.

Ryan Laukat of Red Raven Games         

Islebound actually has a Rahdo variant in it.

Holy Grail Games who just ran Musuem on Kickstarter  had a lot of conversation with Rahdo about making it a 2 player game.

He did work on Simcity for console. 

was the closest video game to a board game.

He occasionally watched The Dice Tower as sometimes Tom Vassel beats him to the punch.

He used to be one of the 1st people to get videos up. But now it’s changing with Tom Heath

of Slicker Drips

He really enjoys no pun included 

NoPunIncluded on fb

Curse you Richard as I had to stop to watch their Gloomhaven video while researching show notes. So, yes it is entertaining!

See what question Barbarian Leaf stumps him on.

His favorites include: Pandemic, Agrycala, Gloomhaven, and Shadow Run Cross Fire

His podcast consists of a bunch of goodies, a lot of it is him answering your questions from answers game one’s 1st then life questions at end

Find him 

Have a game you want Rahdo to play?

If you’ve stuck around this long there is some questions asked of Rahdo that are LITTLE BOY HUMOR.

We even get someone as famous as Richard Hamm to use my catch phrase!

Paws against humanity

 Running through 1/28/18

Squatch The Board Game | Time To Catch That Sneaky Devil

through January 8 2018

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Episode 74: Funding the Dream’s Richard Bliss while on my cell phone

This episode of Getting Geeky with Gamer Leaf is brought to you by Phillip Reed’s

Gamer Leaf sits down with the famous Richard Bliss of Funding the Dream

Who began gaming with Mouse Trap, Monopoly and Careers to name a few.

Richard recently went from casual to heavy gaming. He went to some gaming cons and got very involved. Days of Wonder’s Memoir ’44 by Richard Borg was the game that got his attention.

His favorite’s depend upon the people he plays with. Which include:

Games are defined by their mechanics like Matt Leacock’s Pandemic

AJ and Solo Games.

Dominion for Deck Builders. Role for the Galaxy in Dice games.

Who is the Game Whisperer?

Who’s heard of Kickstarter? a few years ago seldom people knew what it was at GenCon

His podcast: He was in Board game space (even though Tom Vasle wonders if he even plays board games)

Richard brings a business perspective to the idea of what crowd funding was. He often says “Seldom do you have a funding problem, you almost always have a crowd problem. If you find the crowd it will solve the funding. So he set up a podcast that would talk to gamers (Well anyone) He uses it to teach you how to use these tools to be better at raising money for your crowdfunding project. As well as, to build you image, build you business: The legal aspects, the tax aspect, graphic design, shipping, manufacturing The whole Gambit on creating and crowdfunding your game.

He’s had the founders of Panda Games, Jamie Stegmeyer

bottom line: he helps teach people how to take advantage of this crowdfunding thing and raise money for whatever their dream is.

Doing all of this even got him on Good Morning America.

He will be slanting away from board games a little. One of these episodes will be about podcasting, some will be authors about patreon.

His last episode: Linkdin most downloaded. His downloads are way up. Summary is the hardest part. Post content that resonates with your audience. Someone using what Richard taught him over the weekend had over 10,000 views in 24 hours.

Will Linkdin be the next Facebook?

4 Big ones: Facebook (Personal), Linkdin (Business), Twitter (consuming a lot of content in a quick time), and instagram (communicate through pictures and hashtags) someone who works with him has 42k instagram followers, YouTube his daughter has a video channel of My Little Pony lypsynching (Tangerine Blast) (

AAA: Get Pocket: allows him to save stories to share on social media. Pocket will allow him to create content to share.

Buffer: helps him spread out his content spread out throughout the week. $1 a minute it transcribes whole talk by humans, $0.10 a minute by Robots


Google: Richard Bliss

Not as hard to talk to famous people as suspected.

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Paws against humanity

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