Logan Chops Reviews

To help others learn new games coming out

One of the channels that has similar content: Unfiltered Gamer

Why should we watch Logan Chops: Honest Free reviews. Watch a lot of reviewers not just his. A lot of perspectives when wanting to get a game.

1st game to review: Dragon Fire. Almost coming to retail

Jack Spoener creator of Dungeons of Infinity picked it up for him.

The Good (appeals to him) , The Bad (unappealing that could be fixed) & The Ugly (downright not good)

Growth: Partnered with me(Gamer Leaf and Giveaway Geek)

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Extra Life Live Stream to benefit Children’s Network Hospitals. November 4th is the Date to put on your calendar.

Funding Goal was $100, he achieved it but can always give more.

Renown Children’s Hospital

Let Joshua play instead of having to be the DM

Old School Hero Quest and Descent his favorite games of all time.

Games will be playing: Starwars X-Wing, Dragon Fire and a Kickstarter Game which is a birthday gift.

AAA: Pathfinder Adventure Card Game App

I ask him how the card game compares to the RPG as I’m a big GCP Fan.

Stock him at Joshua Burall on FB, on YouTube search Logan Chops, give him constructive criticism on how he can make his videos better.

He’s reviewed: Dragon Fire, Stick Figure Fighters, Dwarves Dig Delve and Dive, Frontier The Card Game, Naturally Disastrous, Rooster Rush by Mayday Games, Biggest Baddest Baddies, Lewt Ninja

Look for: Envy(Not family friendly)by dragon hawk games, Cast the Ritual, Crazier 8’s, Solar Flare Games (4-5 games) (Also got license to make Robotech Force of Arms card game)

Episode 52: Titan Effect RPG for Savage Worlds

This episode is brought to you by battlegrip.com

Gamer Leaf sits down with Christian to talk about Titan Effect RPG for Savage Worlds if you back, you’ll get the beta pdf

worked a lot with Jodi Black ofhttp://www.peginc.com/

Mix of Tom Clancy and X-Man

Bio-punk & Spy Thriller

No Lazer beams, though.

Savage Worlds Gore rules, and Super Powers Companion

AAA: Photo-shop and In-design

Christian sat down with The Wild Die podcast


Highlevel Games reviewed it

Facebook Page

Facebook group


Fisher Heaton Games’ INTELLE through 11/4

TSUKUYUMI – FULL MOON DOWN through 11/5 interview coming up

End of the Trail, interview coming up

Dark Naga – Confronting Hastur for 5th Edition

for 5th Edition through 11/12

Gloom of Kilforth expansion through 10/3

SPACEFIGHTER – Tabletop spacefighting game (in space)

Episode 51: Mazing

This episode is brought to you by Casual Game Revolution.

Gamer Leaf sits down with Clint to talk about his game Mazing on Kickstarter. 87% funded with 4 days to go. Help them cross the line!

It combines Blockus and Chess also a little inspiration from Tetris.

His next game is Scrable with dice.

We talk a bit about DC and Marvel.

AAA: Kickstarter App

Find out more about their fun game at: www.mazinggame.com

Kickstarter Corner with Princess Leaf

Spacefighter (Coolest 4 seconds of podcast)

Shout out to her fans, Eric’s Kids and Damian

Adventures in Zombiewood through 11/11

Road/Kill: Vendetta through 11/5

Re-Chord coming back to Kickstarter soon!

Space Corridor Battle Terrain

Family Funday Friday Episode 6: 5 Minute Dungeon

Barbarian Leaf asks Gamer Leaf about Coolbeans and fakes us out about AAA.

5 Minute Dungeons by Wiggles Company.

Even though we lost, 3 out of 3 Leafs approved.

Princess Leaf asks Eric’s kids for thumbs up.

Princess Leaf advocates giving us reviews on iTunes. Goes on a rant about a BIG thumbs up. Asks what we can do better on podcast.

She toys to look it up on kickstarter after Gamer Leaf leaves. She can’t find it.

If you have a shoutout on Kickstarter Corner, don’t worry we have at least 1 more episode being released his week.

Fake Episode 50: Neon Knights 2086

Gamer Leaf sits down with Luca for his 1st interview ever to talk about Neon Knights – The Board Game COOLEST RACING GAME of the year!

Movie and TV Show, Blade Runner and Stranger Things Season 2.

Twisted Metal and other racing video games

Running Man meets Death Race

Rock and Roll Racing was one of his Favorites

1st game he played: Fireball Island

Bored to death 11.4k subs

AAA Pixel Drifters

Inside scoop: The Pixel dead is their next game, I CAN’t WAIT!

Episode 49: Gloom of Kilforth


Gamer Leaf and Princess Leaf sit down with Tristan to talk about his new game Gloom of Kiforth

Current favorite: Through the Ages

Arkaham Horror got him back into gaming

His other game: 1066, Tears to Many Mothers – a card game of War & History every card based on history

Awesome play through videos from Onestop Co-op Shop, Rolling Solo, Ricky Royal and JPlay did the videos. ENGN and We’re not Wizards were the other podcasts.

AAA: Comixology

Favorite: Watchman, Providence based on Lovecraft (Not family friendly)

Find him at Essen. or UK Games Expo or connect online at his Kickstarter page, Ninja dog at BGG

Also a Facebook group of Glook of Killforth

Kickstarter Corner:

Congrats to Josh Frontier the Card Game just funded

From Impact Minatures: D20 / D30 RPG & DCC Dice Chain Sets -New D17, D19, D26 & D28  Launching on the 10th! through OCT 26th

Fisher Heaton Games’ INTELLE through 11/4


Dark Naga – Confronting Hastur for 5th Edition through 11/12

Angelblood RPG through 11/9

Re-chord  through 10/27

Adventures in Zombiewood through 11/11

Road/Kill: Vendetta through 11/5 kind of reminds me of Wreck and Ruin


Episode 48: Scream or Die!

This episode is brought to you by Casual Game Revolution.

Gamer Leaf sits down with Dennis to talk about his new game Scream or Die! A dice game that engages everyone. inspired from Hasbro’s game creating contest. Help them get some cool stretch goals!

Gamer Leaf tells his favorite monster in this game.

Reviewed by: Unfiltered Game, G-Club, Geek Girl and Casual Game Revolution.

A few he didn’t mention include: Everything Board Games, One Board Family, Board Game Authority, PopWrapped (PW) and Plumpy Thimble

Their 1st game was Heir to the Throne.


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Click Sense

We learn what } is for.

To stock him and company go to:https://www.facebook.com/amberpalacegames/

When should you back a Kickstarter?

Running a Kickstarter: START an E-MAIL LIST!

#Frontier the Card Game through 10/24

Angelblood RPG through 11/9 but plug through 10/25

SPACEFIGHTER – Tabletop spacefighting game (in space) 11/5

#Re-chord  through 10/27

#Adventures in Zombiewood through 11/11

#Road/Kill: Vendetta  kinda lik Wreck and Ruin

#Space Corridor Battle Terrain

Happy Birthday to CarrieAnn Rahm Rhodes and Phill Schadt

Stay tuned to end to hear what Princess Leaf will do if we get 1 Million Subs on YouTube.

Family Funday Friday Episode 5: Monopoly Jr. Disney Princess Edition

This episode of Getting Geeky with Gamer Leaf is brought to you

by Casual Game Revolution

Disney Princess Monopoly Jr.

Bat Leaf tricked me into playing this

AAA: YouTube

We wish Gamer Leaf somewhat of a Happy Birthday as today is his Birthday.

Also, wish Dave Killingsworth an Early birthday, as well.

Frontier the Card Game through 10/24

Angelblood RPG through 11/9 but plug through 10/25

Re-chord  through 10/27


Adventures in Zombiewood through 11/11 Join our Facebook Group!

Road/Kill: Vendetta ends on 11/5 reminds me of Wreck and Ruin!

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Episode 47: Frontier The Card Game

Frontier The Card GameEnds 10/24 @16

Sponsored by Casual Game Revolution

Princess Leaf joins us as we sit down with Joshua from Meet me at the Table games to talk about his new Kickstarter game. Which has option of Solo play.

The person who starts first is the last person to have seen a western, which reminds me of DiceHard

Magnificent 7, Ridiculous 6. What’s your favorite Western movie?

How does one pronounce Missouri?

Josh’s favorite card games are Dommion and yu-gi-oh.

Ellen Warning is Frontier’s artist

Taylor Tate Monster Mania’s artist(His upcoming game)

He’s working on a hand building game, which reminds me of End of the Trail

We talk of Smash-up.

AAA: Photoshop

How to stalk

Kickstarter Corner:

Angelblood RPG through 11/9 but plug through 10/25 Live Character Creation Stream Oct 18 at 3:00pm MST

Re-chord  through 10/27


Adventures in Zombiewood (FUNDED) reviewed by Geekdad on Kickstarter through 11/11

Road/Kill: Vendetta on Kickstarter through November 5 2017 6:59 AM MST.

Dark Naga – Confronting Hastur for 5th Edition through 11/12 Really COOL GIVEAWAY (Open Worldwide some exclusions) from Creator, myself and The GiveawayGeek Sandbox adventures (I learned what that is from The Glass Cannon Podcast)

Follow up to episode 50/ Character intro’s

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Gamer Leaf Ghille

Lady Leaf Nugget

Wizard Leaf Tantrum

Princess Leaf Boomer

Barbarian Leaf Tink

AAA: Pocket Casts. Dice Hard, The Glass Cannon Podcast (I’m speechless trying to come up with Piazo’s Pathfinder, sorry), We’re Not Wizards, Funding the Dream, Trail Manners, Board & Swords, RPG Academy, Tantrum House, Nerd Therapy, Rhado Talks through it.

Invitation to contribute to AAA. Email us a voice clip in which you tell us about your favorite current App.

From Impact Minatures: D20 / D30 RPG & DCC Dice Chain Sets -New D17, D19, D26 & D28 through OCT 26th

Fisher Heaton Games’ INTELLE  reminds me of Net Runner. Runs through 11/4 Happy Anniversary David and Wife!

TSUKUYUMI – FULL MOON DOWN (Funded!) through 11/5

Gloom of Kilforth expansion (Funded) through 10/31

Trench (Funded) through 10/19/17

Dark Naga – Confronting Hastur for 5th Edition through 11/12 It’s a sandbox RPG, I learned what that is from Skid of the GCP

Frontier the Card Game through 10/24

Angelblood RPG through 11/9 but plug through 10/25


Re-chord  through 10/27

Adventures in Zombiewood through 11/11 shoutout to anyone living near Belville Illinois

Happy Birthday to some people I know somewhat:

Michael Boone

Jess Smart Smiley

AMN Greg Edkin killer beard!