Episode 36: The Mother of All Expansions expansion the Naturally Disastrous



Gamer Leaf sits down with Wood T yrell

His 1st Kickstarter was Dragonmage warfare

He started by combining Settelers of Catan+Rish

He owns 70% of Risks Lord of the Rings Risk being his favorite.

His current Kickstarter: The Mother of All Expansions expansion the Naturally Disastrous

it uses Dice instead of cards on AI

In this game Friends showing up late to game night can hop right in and play

He will be using WinGo Games publishing my friend David Lockwood works for them.

Race to the Barm Captains


from the creators of Just Got Played

Vast the crystal Caverns

Contact Tyrell at Silverlakegames@gmail.com

I’m alone on Kickstarter Corner:

Rooster Rush

Frontier the Card Game

look for a review from Logan Chops!


Arcade Fighter

Swords & Sails

The Cold Cash War

Ancient Artifact: Less than $1000 to go, go check it out!

Cheese Quest

Dawn of the Archmage Solar Flare games recently aquired the IP for Robotech Force of Arms which is based on a 1985’s Anime (85 episodes).

Angelblood RPG The

Wreck and Ruin launching 3 October as talked about on We’re not Wizards

Family Funday Friday Episode 3: Foragers



Family Funday Friday Episode 3: Foragers

The Leafs go back to their roots to one of their original reviews that of

Dr Finn’s Foragers reviews by Gamer Leaf, Little Leaf, Princess Leaf and Barbarian Leaf

A classic Kickstarter Corner: Realm Warfare:

Dr Finn’s Foragers reviewed by Gamer Leaf, Little Leaf, Princess Leaf

AAA with Princess Leaf: Switch New Frontier Days and Barbarian Leaf: iTunes Bike race

Patreon introduction: A new game each month, would you be interested?

Do you want us to review movies or shows?

Game Companies: Imperial OutPostMike’s Games and Collectables

David Mulveney, Benjiman Lewis were our 1st 2 winners of the last contest. I’m going to try to get all of those games sent out in the next few weeks. Watch your inbox.

Little Leaf joins me on Kickstarter Corner

Rooster Rush

Frontier the Card Game


Arcade Fighter

Swords & Sails

The Cold Cash War

Ancient Artifact: Less than $1000 to go, go check it out!

Cheese Quest

Dawn of the Archmage Solar Flare games recently aquired the IP for Robotech Force of Arms which is based on a 1985’s Anime (85 episodes).

Angelblood RPG The

Full Moon Down – Tsukuyumi

Episode 35: Department of Spin



Gamer Leaf sits down with Ali Hajighafouri, and Mirko to talk about Department of Spin.

The started with D&D

Exploding Kittens, Choking Hazards, cards against humanity

Find them on twitter @strifecards

or Pretty much here.

Rooster Rush

She thanks our Patrons and tells us about how kids should share their dream about making a game and says a lot of jokes during Kickstarter Corner.

Frontier the Card Game


Arcade Fighter

Swords & Sails

The Cold Cash War

Ancient Artifact: Less than $1000 to go, go check it out!

Cheese Quest

Dawn of the Archmage

Angelblood RPG

Episode 34; Rooster Rush


Unofficially brought to you by Game Anywhere Tables.


Gamer Leaf sits down with our 2nd most famous guest Seth Hiat.

Seth’s Gateway game was Settelers of Catan

Ryan Brenz now the President of Mayday games was like the Tuperware sales man of boardgames

I Couldn’t remember the name of the game that hooked me (Blood Rage)

Seth has ran 39 successful kickstarters.

His favorite: VICEROY which is a lot like Splendor

He walks me through how to find his games on his website.

Rooster Rush Trying to cross the road. Spinning tokens and trying to get crosswalk

If you can flick a token you can play. Can get it for $10. KS exclusive for $15.

No chickens killed or harmed in the making of this game.

Careful Seth’s yawns might be a bit contagious.

Seth was Proud of getting a well known designers (Antoine Bauza & Corentin Lebrat

) to design one of their games.

It’s a fast easy gateway game for $10!

In AAA: Seth talks about Snagit

Screen or video capture sharing. Great for training!

Find Seth at Mayday Games

Booths at major Cons.

Giveaway a week for 2 more weeks at The Giveaway Geek.

Dan King Gameboy Geek

During Kickstarter Corner Princess Leaf takes over on her 1st Solo Kickstarter Corner as well as thanking our Patrons. She starts off with a joke to introduce Mayday Games Latest: Rooster Rush

Cheese Quest

Frontier the Card Game has re-launched with a smaller goal and shorter length.

Scrooge almost to it’s goal

Swords & Sails

The Cold Cash War

Dawn of The Archmage

Arcade Fighter

Ancient Artifacts

Angelblood Publishing’s RPG

Episode 33: Westbound: Revolvers and Rituals



Gamer Leaf sits down with John Heffernan to talk about his new RPG game on Kickstarter: Westbound: Revolvers and Rituals

AAA: Corrects us to finally let us know it’s Tripple A instead of alcoholics anonymous like I had been saying forever.

Roll 20 which is online Roleplaying. They got rid of the music integration. Syrenscape is brought up again as it is a great app to bring music into your Roleplaying, just too hard to apply to his roleplaying. Role 20 I guess used to have sound integrations with sound cloud.

Best way to find them: westboundgame.com

Kickstarter corner covers: Ancient Artifacts

Dawn of the Archmage

Swords & Sails WIN coinage for you gameage from us and The Giveaway Geek

Cheese Quest

Scrooge get it by Christmas!

Arcade Fighter, bring games like Mortal Combat and Street Fighter to the Tabletop.

Robert Asprin’s The Cold Cash War A role playing game setting, for the Savage Worlds and Cepheus System,

Mayday Game’s Rooster Rush Dexterity Game -Antoine Bauza & Corentin Lebrat (who also brought you games such as: Terror in Maple City, Takaido, 7 Wonders, Ghost Stories, Hanabi and more) which has funded! Only $10-$15+ Shipping. (Look for our interview with Seth Hiat of Mayday Games coming up SOON!)

Trench which re-launches tomorrow from Outer Limit Games

War Titans: Invaders Must Die!

We almost forgot to bring you: Frontier The card game.


This episode has been unofficially brought to you by Transforming Designs and The Game Anywhere Table (now on Kickstarter)



Gamer Leaf sits down with Dominic of Medieval Lords creator of Black Souls 2.0- Cheaper. Better More. On Kickstarter. A board game in which you are making a hard video game. There is a lot of reverences in this game to Dark Souls Video games. He talks of how Rhado might be more biased as he used to design video games as well.

A bit about Dominic’s beginning in designing. Like stated he used to also design video games such as work with ubiesoft, Games such as: Raving rabbids, Prince of Persia (little flash games to promote for the movie) Hasbro, Heroscape while it was #1. Has been in it for sometime. Stepping away to do own game. This is his 7th. He talks of how hard shipping is for those running Kickstarter’s.  Quartermaster Logistics is helping them with logistics to make 2.0 a better experience for everyone involved. People don’t like shipping charged after campaign. Get this game in the states for $49 which includes shipping. In EU it is $20 for shipping, they are picking up your VAT! Easy game to teach, there’s a video that is only 2.5 minutes! You have to fight to go 1st! None of this fluff on how they choose who goes 1st like on one of my favorite podcasts, Alex’s Dice Hard. People loved it at GenCon. Rhado reviewed 1.0, he might even get a varian named after him.

Dominic’s favorite game ever is Seasons designed by Régis Bonnessée by:  Asmodee, he said it would be good if it was a board game instead of just a card game. But, he really loves it! He has over 3k board games and over 5k video games! What a COOL job he has! He is also a Lecturer for game design degree at
Mages Institute of excellence. His favorites he created are Castle Dukes and Sweet Spot. (Which is a sport game, that people should give a chance. Edo reviews it on it’s page)

Got to love his pronunciation of Monopoly.

Castle Dukes is a Euro game with dexterity in it.

Hitman Holiday would be my favorite, I’ve never tried it, it was his 1st game.

I’m excited about his talking about By the Sea (place holder name) A dice mechanic we have never seen. An exclusive on Getting Geeky with Gamer Leaf. IT HAS TO BE FUN, even though it is first ever, first ever is just a bonus, GOT TO BE FUN! He has 11 games in the making….. Watch Medeval Lords

AAA Dominic talks about What’s App Communication based on internet usage. Popular Chat app. App switches back and forth between $1 and free. If he could make it better he would add games to it. Contact: Medeval Lords

Kickstarter Corner includes these great games:

Potato PiratesArcade fighterscroogeAncient artifactsWing itSwords and sailsThe cold cash warsdawn of arch magecheese questtrenchrooster rush


Check out Logan Chops on YouTube.

We’d love your reviews on iTunes!

Episode 31: Cheese Quest: A tabletop game of tactics and sabotage

Gamer Leaf sits down with Phil the creator of Cheese Quest: A tabletop game of tactics and sabotage, which is currently on Kickstarter.

We confess that Game Anywhere Tables are better than bread

We talk about his humble beginings of editing Candy Land ,to make it more difficult, to his start with Magic the Gathering by Wizards of the Coast to his transition into what tabletop has become with carcassonne by Z-Man Games and Dominion by Rio Grande Games. He’s always LOVED games. For Carcasone he just adds expansions, for Dominion to have more players he just adds more cards. We talk about these two games for a bit. He pretty much gives me the low-down on these 2 gateway games. His 1st favorite deck builder for introducing people into deck building is Acension from Stoneblade entertainment. I bring up White Wizard Games’ Star Realms and Tasty Minstriel Gamse’ Cthulu Realms. Phil would love it if Dominion made it so it could be balanced to fit 8 players or so as a party game. He talks about Clank, which is a deck builder with a board. He gives it a lot of praise. Top of his list. He LOVES games. All mechanics as well depending upon how well they’re done. He doesn’t like mechanics that require him to debate, entertaining, or improv.

Cheese Quest, the quest for cheese. Mice in a maze trying to get cheese. Helping self and sabotaging others. He wanted something that was easy to learn and that was good for the entire family. 8+ so good for kids to play together, Kids can play with their parents, and adults can play together.

Cardboard edison helped him playlets his game.

I talk about mention something Carla of of Weird Giraffe Games (who just launched and had her game Stellar Leap funded on Kickstarter) said on We’re not wizards how it is great when a stranger likes your game. ( I think I accidentally called her Molly though, sorry Carla.)  Audience asked him for a print and play so you can play it before you back it, so he made that for you. peter gandia does the art. 5 days in and it crossed 50% funding during our interview.

Cheese Quest Easy to learn and play.

Reviews by Druid City games, Unfiltered Gamer and Edo’s Game Reviews, all on his Kickstarter page.

Other podcasts his game is mentioned in or highlighted in: Tantrum House, Family Gamers, Boardgame Closet, Live in medford NJ at the Gamers Vault on Oct 5th. not sure of the time yet +2 Comedy Podcast”.

For AAA: He uses Clash Royal also on iTunes, card game in an arena where you are trying to have minions take down opponents towers. How to find him: Phil Schadt on FB and Twitter

Ancient Artifacts like Indiana Jones, she found that the 3 movies are free on Amazon Prime.

Out Scrooge Scrooge in Scrooge the Board Game

Wing-it 9/24/17 Funded

Arcade Fighter bring games like Street Fighter to the Table.

Swords and Sails Giveaway every week, coinage for your gameage.

The Giveaway Geek is giving away a lot of these games.

Robert Asprin’s The Cold Cash War

Dawn of the Archmage like Sumoner wars

Avertigos Flying ships Funded!

War Titans-invaders must die! almost to goal. Pics, remind me of Transformers.

If you have a Kickstarter Game you want us to talk about contact us or contact The GiveawayGeek.

Reviews on iTunes really HELP!

Also available on iTunesSticher and YouTube

Episode 30: Robert Asprin’s The Cold Cash War


I confess my undying love of Game Anywhere Table’s and our unofficial hopeful Sponsorship by them.

We sit down with Jonathon from Battle Field Press to talk about his latest project: Robert Asprin’s The Cold Cash War which the Robert Asprin Estate allowed him to create a RPG setting for both the Cephas and Savage Worlds settings. This will make their 13th Savage World Setting.

Jonathon sat down in 1980 to play Dungeon Dragons and hasn’t looked back since. Dungeon Fantasy was his latest Kickstarter prize as his RPG collection ranges incredibly. For Newbies he suggests his Ninja highschool and tales of equestria rpg. Advice he gives to those whom are newer: Find something that is licensed.

He goes into a bit of how the setting of his new game setting might look. And why it might be delivered in 2018.

For AAA Jonathon s\talks about: Hero Lab Character builder and PCGen

To find him online you can go to Battlefield Press website as last resort.

Best place to get any of his settings is Drive thru RPG or go to local game stores

On Kickstarter Corner Princess Leaf joins me to talk about some great games including:

Cheese Quest which we hope to have on the show this wednesday

Scrooge the boardgame

Dawn of the Archmage: Cool minis and similar to Sumoner wars

Ancient Artifacts like indianas Jones and Larry and the magic hairbrush

Arcade Fighter bring games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat

Swords and Sails goes until October 13th

Wing-it which is less than $300 from funding, have the best story based upon random objects

Cheese Quest, reached 50% of goal while I interviewed the creator. about 21 days left.

We thank our Patron’s

We ask for iTunes reviews as the REALLY HELP!

Shout out to Ukraine friends as y’all are a majority of our downloads.

Some of our kickstarter games have giveaways thanks to The Giveawaygeek

Also available on iTunes and Sticher and YouTube

Family Funday Friday Episode 2: Slapshot


Slap shot

Barbarian Leaf loved it.

Gamer Leaf while he loves it says mimics Tom Vassel’s, of The Dice Tower, sentiments about it being glorified war. 1st game Barbarian Leaf states he would buy this game with his own money. Not sure if that’s because he won or he liked the cards. Barbarian gives 2 different opinions on the shape of the score tokens. Princess Leaf likes it too. 3 of 3 Leaf’s approve.

 Hint: When playing this, the bruiser can still loose, but they make the person have to get rid of the cards that they beat.

Unofficial Love of Game Anywhere Tables confessed!

On Kickstarter Corner Princess Leaf joins Gamer Leaf.

Ancient Artifacts

Like indiana Jones and Larry and the magic hairbrush.

Scrooge The Board Game

The Unfiltered Gamer does reviews Scrooge

Potato Pirates      


Arcade Fighter

The Cold Cash War 

upcoming interview.

Dawn of the Archmage

Cool minis like Summoner Wars.

Wing It! 

Swords & Sails Giveaway and KickStarter

During AAA Barbarian Leaf talks about War Robot. I didn’t understand anything that he said.he’s been playing War Robot which is on iTunes and Android.

Princess Leaf throws me under the bus saying she wants to do a Lotus episode. Also, we talk about our other plans. Halloween games for October.

Gamer Leaf calls his Ukraine Fans to action! Would love to hear from you: gamerleaf@gamerleafgo.com

Our YouTube link is really waht I said it was.

Thanks to our Patrons: Who include Dane from Everything Board Games, Jennifer Longworth, Axel, Ronal Gagnon, Onyx. and Ethan Irelan

Episode 29: Darian Apocolypse

We sit down with Gary Dicken to talk about Darian Apocalypse based on the 1698 expedition of Scotland.

It’s Co-op or competitive which makes for a lot of re-playability

A little bit of skrewage in this game

Play against the 4 horsemen as well as each other

Gary and his friends Got fed up paying for games in the 70’s that weren’t good so started making their own games.

a few of his Favorites include: Great western Trail, Tigress Euphrates, Zulu Reto

History of the world: Is One of their games

They design games and not videos

this is their 6th Kickstarter

He doesn’t remember what the game is at the time, but he talks a bit about the new app. I believe it might be Dized but I say tabletopia

Steam Donkey

Whipping Bobby Lee

Find out about all their GAMES!

I’m joined by Princess Leaf on Kickstarter Corner

Ogre Cheerleaders which has less than 12 hours to go and less than $400 needed

War Titans: Invaders Must Die! 

Ancient Artifacts

Scrooge The Board Game

Potato Pirates

Arcade Fighter

Andoria Battlefields

Avertigos Flying Ships

The Cold Cash War

I loosly quote one of my favorite podcasts We’re not Wizards about show notes

Swords & Sails Giveaway and KickStarter

Dawn of the Archmage: Cool Mini’s Like Summoner Wars

Wing It!  Penguins smell bad, but not in this game, it’s a creative story game giveaway too

check out all The Giveaway’s

To Prep for our upcoming RPG episodes which will be Mondays: We will be

playing Too Many Bones by Chip Theory Games (Name

to be determined)( Might be a giveaway involved!) listen to  the interview

of the famous Skid Maher of the Glass Cannon Podcast                                                                                                                                          Warrior Princess Leaf gets a little confused on our signing off and tries to tell you we are signing off of one of her many favorite YouTube channels

                                                                                                         JHOUSE Vlogs