Episode 65: Pigment – A Game for 2-3 Renaissance Painters

Gamer Leaf sits down with Michael Epstein the designer and director of copperfroggames to talk aboutPigment – A Game for 2-3 Renaissance Painters which ends it’s Kickstarter campaign on Thanksgiving Thu, November 23 2017 9:03 AM MST.

Started Gaming with D&D 3.5. It was a really important part of his life. He accidentally fell into board games. They went to local game store Pandimenium and picked up Dominion. Between that and Betrayl and House on the Hill.

His 1st game was Tattoo! The Game of Ink – A Board Game for 2-4 Players. Was working with Erik Bauer of Gaming Paper on this one (which didn’t make it, but he learned a lot) If it ever sees the light of day friends and family like:

Might enjoy it.

Will be coming back to Kickstarter with lower price and lower shipping rate

Upcoming games: Turf Tag, and Chisseled Deck builder/de-construction game

Cardboard prices have gone up as thousands of factories in china have shut down due to pollution. What I was telling you Seth Hiatt.

Jerry Holkins creator of Penny Arcade really enjoyed it!

Game described as Lords of Waterdeep ( Which Chris Renshaw of Boards & Swords podcast really likes this game) meets Splendor (One of our favorites, an episode upcoming) in half the time of Splendor.

I like the Speed painter pledge option where you can pay extra and get a prototype soonish.

Previews/reviews done with: Cloak and Maple, Unfiltered Gammer recommends it as do painters such as: Rick Berry

CMON recently released Modern Art, for life of me I couldn’t think of name during podcast.

Michael was recently on a podcast with Michael Wokasch of Fairway 3 Games who came out with Starving Artists.

Games artist is EmilyHancock

Pigment was inspired by a Magic The Gathering card. (Not sure how Richard from We’re not Wizards will feel about this, Not to fret though as he quickly redeems himself there.

Michael recently got back into Pokemon the trading card game and opened up 36 packs with a friend.

Some places he’s demo’d the game include: knightmovescafe, EUREKAPUZZLES, ToySoldierGames and PandemoniumBooks

AAA: Discord

which he uses to keep up with his old club

https://www.facebook.com/ProjectAegis/ introduced him to this app.

Pokemon international released pokemon magikarp jump  

Kickstarter corner: The Convergents – A Comic Themed Card Game

Historical Conquest 2.0 relaunching back for $1 nothing charged if doesn’t fund and stay updated!

Cabinet Game Table from Carolina Game Tables Back for $2 even if they don’t fund you’ll get the dinner and dice pdf as a thank you.

and Random Coping Chess 14 days to go, plus don’t forget Side Effects 15 days to go both of which are funded.

Episode 64: Monster Hunter International RPG: Savage Worlds Edition

Gamer Leaf sits down with Larry Correia (Author of New York Times Best Selling Series Monster Hunter International, which is one of my favorite series of books) to talk about Monster Hunter International RPG: Savage Worlds Edition (Based upon said series) which is now on Kickstarter.

Larry is a big Savage Worlds fan so now he can help with the rules.

Back in 2012 they did a RPG on the Hero system. It was on crunchy side. Barrier to entry was a lot more. So with Savage worlds if you give Larry about 15 mins he can explain it to anyone.

I tell Larry about my background with RPG’s and how we will be starting with Too Many Bones from Chip Theory Games really soon. He gives us his RPG history/background.

10 years ago when he was a new writer at a book signing Dan Wells asked Larry to join Magical Samaria. He also Role Plays with his kids 3 High-schoolers and a kindergartener

RPGing with his kids helped him learn a lot about his kids. As a dad you’ve got to be patient. He’s actually stolen some of their characters from their characters.

Current Gaming group: Pat Tracy (Stole one of his NPC’s for a character in the Son of the Black Sword), Steve Diamond (horror Novelist), (Played with Brad Torggeson for a lot of years), (Paul Gennesse was also in group), A bomb defuser who will go un-named on air, Alan Barr who is owner of Galant Knight games,

Larry initially self published before e-books were a thing. Then Baen found him. He’s been with them ever since. Next year he will have 20 books out across several different series.

Some of his audible readers include:  Bronson Pinchot Oliver WymanRay Porter  does his war machine books, Adam Baldwin from Firefly and Chuck to do The Adventures of Tom Stranger, Interdimensional Insurance Agent (I love these one’s HILARIOUS!)

I love his elves and his orgs, he tells us about their characters and how he got them. LISTEN TO THIS PART.

Allan Barr is the designer, Steve Long does most of the fluffy writing, additional adventure from RPG legend Shawn Carman

AAA: Mayonett 40k app.

Find him at his blog or on his FB Group.

Space Corridor Battle Terrain

The Convergents – A Comic Themed Card Game

Historical Conquest 2.0

Cabinet Game Table from Carolina Game Tables If you back at $2 even if they don’t fund you will get the pdf of Dinner and Dice. Win a copy here!

and Random Coping Chess, plus don’t forget Side Effects

War Room: A Larry Harris Game Fri, December 8

Episode 63: A Far Off Land, A Fate RPG in Two Worlds

Gamer Leaf sits down with Megan Bennett-Burks to talk about A Far Off Land, A Fate RPG in Two Worlds which is currently on Kickstarter (Which she co-authors with Jacob Possin)

She started RPGing with Rifts from  Palladium Books

I briefly mention MERP and how we will be starting our podcast RPG with Too Many Bones by Chip Theory Games.

She talks about the Fate system and why she went that way with her RPG.

Her previously published RPG Leaves of Chiaroscuro: Exploration & Intrigue in a Strange & Wondrous Renaissance

Found Jacob on Fate forum over at G+

Some of the art is done by Gennifer Bone and Tanyaporn Sangsnit

Get the Fate Core book

AAA: Combat Manager

Kickstarter Corner: Cabinet Game Table from Carolina Game Tables from Clint and Jodi Black from Pineacle Entertainment Group ends 11/27/17 (GET DINNER & DICE PDF for $2 even if they don’t fund or win it here!

and Random Coping Chess ends 12/8/17 , plus don’t forget Side Effects end 12/7/17

About to begin our journey of Too Many Bones by Chip Theory Games



Gamer Leaf sits down with Ed Jowett to talk about his latest creation on Kickstarter: Era: The Consortium – A Universe of Expansions 2

Started with Travler RPG, it’s also his inspiration. He’s always been into Sci-Fi

At Durham University they always play 24hr Role Playing Game as a tradition, he goes on to tell the story of Era: The Consortium.

Ed’s working on a Dr Who like horror game which sounds exciting.

I briefly bring up my playing of Middle Earth Roleplaying as a teen. (Remember that: David, Jordan, Michael, Charlene) I also talk about the Glass Cannon Podcast who play Piazo’s Pathfinder

We talk of Tom Anders recent dice chain set that was on Kickstarter.

Ed’s game uses the D10 die.

Dice and stuff plays his RPG’s on their podcast.

John Lewis helps him reformat his fake history book into what his RPG has become today.

5 comics out. 3 of them are Era of The Consortium

Counting down from 1 (Ed considers it their best comic. It’s about time travel so I’m intrigued as I’m a big Back to the Future Fan.)

2 Era of the Empowered (Super Hero comics.) 3rd about to come to kickstarter soonish.

AAA: Hearthstone which is a card game. (Ed plugs his own card games during this portion of the show: Champions of Earth and Evil Overlord)

A moment of silence to all of Ed’s fans for the London Underground as he uses his lack of internet to write more stories.

Best way to stalk them online Amy Allworden gives you lots of updates!

He mentions his interview he had with Richard of We’re not Wizards podcast.

He doesn’t know him personally but, Ed does know of Mark McKinnon so he really is of Wreck and Ruin Fame! Talk of his March re-launch of Wreck and Ruin.

Ed has a bunch more to say. Would you like to hear him ramble on more? (e-mail)

What’s next? Era of the empowered or of the Chosen will

Episode 61: 1st podcast in which Rob talks about White Wizard Games’ latest: Sorcerer

Big thanks to Deb and Sky for setting this up to allow Gamer Leaf sits down in Rob Dougherty (who is the CEO of White Wizard Games not the only hat he wears for the) ’s  very 1st interview about his new game on Kickstarter: Sorcerer .

0:00-6:00 We go over Rob’s history with military, gaming, magic and so on.

6:20 a little bit about the Magic Hall of Fame and mention of a lot of them moving from there into careers in hobby games which along with Rob includes Darwin Kastle (designer of Star Realms), some of the regulars at his store: Dave Humpherys (Wizards of the Coast) and Zvi Mowshowitz. Justin Gary of Stone Blade entertainment was a candidate.

7:55 where his inspirations have come from, his favorite game is still Magic

10:55 Hero Realms giveaway announced and talked about. Character packs and campaign mode.

22:00 Star Realms Frontiers

23:45 Hero Realms Boss Decks

27:04 Sorcerer was designed by Peter Scholtz (1st game designed by someone besides Rob or Darwin)  on Kickstarter

46:45 What White Wizard Games does with their Kickstarter exclusives

48:15 AAA: Star Realms App is free. Upgrade is $5 and across all platforms.

56:21: Answer this question for a chance to win a copy of Hero Realms and the character packs.

Kickstarter Corner: War Room: A Larry Harris Game

Space Corridor Battle Terrain

The Convergents – A Comic Themed Card Game Backed by Rob and Eduardo Baraf

Reviews/ Previews by Joshua Burall, Unfiltered Gamer and Cardboard Stacker

Cabinet Game Table from Carolina Game Tables Free cookbook up for grabs, listen to and answer question on our last episode!

and Random Coping Chess (FUNDED!) , plus don’t forget Side Effects


Gamer Leaf sits down is the 1st to sit down with Clint (author of Necessary Evil He also gives us a sneak peak of #FlashGordon) & Jodi Black from Pinacle Entertainment Group to talk about their Kickstarter: Cabinet Game Table from Carolina Game Tables.

Along with Shane Lacy Hensley they create the core of Pinnacle. They also have a great team from around the world (including UK and Australia

A bit of talk of Savage Worlds, Deadlands and test drives. Briefly mention Tom Anders from Impact Miniatures about his latest kickstarter dice chain set.

We also talk a bit about Darren whose The Monster Hunters’ Club RPG for Savage Worlds is about to wrap up.

We also talk about their current Kickstarter: Cabinet Game Table from Carolina Game Tables 

Carolina Game Tables has been running for about 2.5 years now

Kudos were given by some pretty notable people: worked with Ivan Van Norman from Geek & Sundry on the prototype, Mike Fehlauer, Vice President, Penny Arcade, Ben Dobyns from The Gamers Series, GeekDad.com, The Rules Lawyer, and more

Social media share stretch goals: If they reach this and you back at $2 you will get a copy of the pdf of Dinner and Dice a cookbook by gamers for gamers (Win a copy, 1st one to e-mail me correct answer)

Dinner&Dice Gamers cookbook with recipes from the likes of professionals in the industry: Marsha White from All Games Considered, Jason Bulmahn of Paizo, Nicole Lindroos from Green Ronin, Scott Woodard from Pinnacle.

Kickstarter Corner:

Space Corridor Battle Terrain

The Convergents – A Comic Themed Card Game previewed and reviews by Logan Chops, Unfiltered Gamer, Kevin from Ape Games and Cardboard Stacker

Historical Conquest 2.0

Cabinet Game Table from Carolina Game Tables

Random Coping Chess and Random Coping Chess

Next week Robert Daughtery joins us to talk about SORCERER (if we get enough downloads in time you can get this one!) giveaways Hero Realms to one lucky listener which Barbarian Leaf teases it is like evil Scrooge

Episode 59: Tabula Rasa: A colorful Pool/Bag Building Game of Champions!


Gamer Leaf sits down with Chris Peach to talk about his game Tabula Rasa: A colorful Pool/Bag Building Game of Champions!  (Funded in 1st week)

He would compare it to Renegade Games Clank & Clank in Space.

Tabula Rasa inspired by Final Fantasy and Deck building

Got his start through Magic The Gathering.

Did a lot of volunteer work. Some with Greater than Games.

Apologies for some of my guests audio being static.

AAA: Beta: Legendary the App, Jason Brenner from Upper Deck like the Marvel legendary deck builder but a different theme. “If you’re listening Jason Brenner I want you to add more”

Find them online!

Came up with name thanks to Calvin and Hobbs. Creator of that as well as Schultz creator of Peanuts are from there.

During a pregnancy most discuss/argue children names, not Chris this is when he came up with his board game company name instead.

Dallas Mehlhoff (Artist for Elder Sign and X-Wing) from fantasy flight has been with Kid Loves Tiger Games from it’s inception. Working with one of the most reputable manufacturers Ludo Fact

Game Designers out there: Chris gives his final parting advice to y’all “He can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday night than coming on Getting Geeky with Gamer Leaf……

Family Funday Friday Episode 8; Hero Realms

Family Funday Friday: Hero Realms

Tune in on 11/15/17 as we will most likely be the 1st podcast to have Rob Daughtery the CEO of White Wizard Games to talk about SORCERER now on Kickstarter and also Hero Realms.

Make sure you listen as they will be giving away a copy of Hero Realms with the character packs as well as if we can get 250+ downloads of his interview episode we will back a copy of SORCERER to go to one lucky winner!

Barbarian Leaf liked it.

Princess Leaf changes her name and has a singing debut as well as goes on a laughing fit.

Rodney Smith “Watch it played” videos pretty good.

Sky Carlisle told  us  you can play a cooperative and/or single player mode.

Monster Hunter International RPG: Savage Worlds Edition watch for the author of book this was based on.

Want to see your game on kickstarter corner o be interviewed. How can we make the show better email us!

Please commandeer someone’s iTunes and leave a review for them, just make sure you give their device back, not sure I’d be able to bail you out.

Episode 58: Heroes of History: Iron Phalanx and Dragonboat Raiders

Apologies for audio malfunctions, his cellular service through T-mobile

Gamer Leaf sits down with Sam to talk about his new game Heroes of History: Iron Phalanx and Dragonboat Raiders which was re-launched on Kickstarter.  Caezar Al-Jassar from Alley Cat Games helped him revamp things. I heard about his services on We’re not Wizards. Changed page layout as well as funding goal.

Inspiration behind game was yu-gi-oh

Reviews: James Freeman from ToDieForGames, Weldon Glenn from  DDO Players

A bit of talk about Fire Emblems and how it compares to the game

leaning towards wingo games

AAA: Mile IQ